General Assembly December 22

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Occupy UC Berkeley is still standing.

In January, longshoremen in Washington will be stopping an incoming ship owned by grain cartel EGT.

Occupy Oakland to occupy an indoor space on January 28th.

Working Groups

Street Theatre: DIY Parade – New Years Eve – March of the Dead

Treasury: Please ask Treasury / bring GA proposal before spending any money, go through a working group if possible. Bring any outstanding receipts.

Media: Meeting @ India Joze 1PM Friday.

Outreach: Has union and other organization database online.

Medical: Need money & supply donations.

Agenda – Brainstorm possible OSC actions

Press GOP on important bills

Philadelphia July 4th

Targeted protests re homelessness – 30 died in 2010

Jan 17 West Coast action

Jan 20 Occupy Courts

Foreclosure & homelessness actions are core to OSC’s mission

Actions re local services not doing their jobs

Homes Not Jails

Focus locally versus travel for national actions

Bolster individual events

Help locals buck the system: local food, politicians acting in the peoples’ interest

Support actions across the globe

Support December 25th food action

Build relationships with Occupy UCSC – Jan 9 GA, Mar 1 Shutdown