General Assembly December 14th

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Inspirational moment:

“I’ve from South Africa and have saw the beginning of a police state and i’m beginning to see it again. You are doing it right.”

“Nationwide has taken traction from the upcoming re-occupation day.”

“We’re far from down and out. We should be inspired and stay strong. As long as have a GA, we’re Occupy Santa Cruz.”

News of interest:

Time’s Person of the Year: Protesters. When Asked which ones, he said: All of them!

Obama will not veto NFAA; Congress says it won’t exclude American citizens.

Positive article about OSC in Santa Cruz Weekly.

Urgent announcements

One of our brothers needs a place to stay…

First alarm announced if your car is in parking lot, it will be towed after 7pm

Working group reports

Legal: 7pm curfew for public prop. is a violation of our rights, I’ll introduce in the upcoming proposal to contact Susan Mariello.

Location: reoccupy Santa Cruz. Event: Saturday. Asking for donations (tents, bags, sign materials, flier on table); meeting at noon Thursday. We need to find place for people to stay.

Medical: ran into brother who gave up apartment for movement. I’ve offered my floor. This is sacrifice for all of us. It’s mental health aspect of the movement. We can’t have people give up things for movement and not be supported. Those who have, share! Even though I face eviction, I don’t care. He’s gonna have to put up a fight to get me out because of my political views. Whether it’s a night or a week, I don’t care.

Food: I’m just trying to figure out how to feed people; I’m scaling back

Media: there’s only one person active daily on media; contact Jay Campbell. It’s a daily task. [Sheet gets passed around for all interested]

City Council Liason: Yesterday was marathon of stuff. 9am: people spoke against curfew, for foreclosure moratorium, lots of people. 10:30am: small meeting with don lane mtg…Don Lane said there should be a way to get stuff back. We will file claim, sue to get items back. Next MTG w/Mayor: 4pm Monday meeting w/don lane coming up. We talked about homelessness. Don Lane installed as Mayor. Spoke about homeless issues. Met w/Sheriff Lt Wilson. Dina Phillips didn’t show up. Pick up items: 12pm – 1pm, Sunday. You verbally commit nothing will come back on-site. “I won’t arrest you if you break you’re word,” Lt Wilson said to the group. City Council Meeting, 5pm: several complained about police action. 90% of people who spoke were in favor of OSC. Gifted a book by a woman named Love. Noon Sat, Robert Norris will have table to itemize lost items in police raid. Don Lane said: ‘File Complaint.’

Inreach: Service Provider fair, 3 or 4 hours before on GA where we invite ngos, government, organizations and have them present their services. “Sounds like Homeless Connect, Don Lane has connection.”

Direct Action: 4pm USPO. For the Veto of NDAA.

Agenda Items
1) Contact Susan Mariello
We will contact SM to talk to her about eliminating curfew so she can avoid litigation.
[Test for consensus. Consensed.] [Passes out sign-out sheet for mtg.]

2) Empty bldgs photo collage
Bring photos we took to city council meetings of empty buildings/for rent signs. Get addresses w/photos

3) Re-occupy 12/17
Ideas for Saturday.

4) Discuss Emergency Response
First Alarm came; informed us of the curfew. A liason met them. Group discussed a proposal regarding whether or not to allow First Alarm to address the GA; the group decided not to allow this.

5) Inefficacy of meeting with Officials
Discusssion: Officials cared only about grass, evade questions, talking to them didn’t save our camp; we need to work w/in the system…if we can get decision-makers on our side…I think it is important; we did everything here ourselves but it would be nice if we were allowed, one of the things I saw when we met with them, they saw us as someone to be negotiated with, we should use what we have to get what we want, discussion groups, contingency shooting itself in the foot, wasting opportunities…if they want to come back on us then they have a right, what we do affects how we’re seen…if you really care about this movement then get serious about


OSC Specific
-Tina is having a forclosed house; called for us to help her; Foreclosure, Friday, noon
-Re-occupy meeting: Thurs, Noon.

-Dec 16: Webcast Telethon for Anonymous 16 at Starts
at 5pm GMT
-Dec 17: Bradley Manning’s birthday
-Dec 17: Mohamed Bouazizi was a 26-year-old Tunisian who lit himself on fire in a protest against unemployment on 12/17/10. He died in January 2011.
-Mayor Rocky Anderson is running for president on Justice Party
-Jan 21: overturn Citizens United