General Assembly December 13th

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Inspirational minute
:“Let there be (x-mas) lights!”

Urgent News:

Ocean/Water – BofA home mortgage is up for lease. Move-On folks demo might have had something to do with it

NFAA bill Dec 15 deadline

Oakland Port actions:

“They shuttled us from BART to port. Marches, awesomeness. Police brutalities at other ports; asked to extend to 3 am. We held it down until then.”

“I was there from 1am -4am this morning. We held emergency GA and decided to extend the picket. Held the docks, kept it closed for 24 hours. Longshoreman pleaded with us. We pulled the picket at 4 am. They said we couldn’t do it but we did! It was a major accomplishment.”

“Angela Davis, Scott Olsen spoke. Rallies were incredible. Occupy is not going away.”

“Very celebratory. The most striking moment was the news of what happened at other occupies. They held back a lot of cargo…I was part of a group of 65 who marched down to Port 68 or 69. There was about 150 by 4 o’clock. There were some longshoremen there on the phone.”

“It was inspiring. There were so many people, they echoed it twice. I spoke to several truckers. Had a different view. It was beautiful, though. The riot police was a scare tactic…”

“I was there, too. When people found out I was with Occupy Santa Cruz, they said, I want to come out and occupy with you anytime.”

USPO ACTION: “I want to propose an action to USPO. Bring signs saying ‘Veto NDAA’, list phone numbers…There is a provision where they can arrest Americans without trial just because someone decides you’re a terrorist. Want to find out if people will show up tomorrow. 4pm-6pm. The reason USPO because the direct-action, do it at a federal location.”

CITY COUNCIL MTGS: More of us need to go to more meetings.

“Someone on the commission referred to us as an insurrectionary group.”

“We need to pick up the remaining stuff that was confiscated by
Sheriffs, Noon Sunday.”

“My house is foreclosed. I want to give a permaculture demo/tour TBA.”

“We need to pick up tables, tarps with a truck. People volunteer three trucks. PODS pickup: Sunday Noon.”

Working Groups:

Location: [straw poll taken to determine time.] Noon, Thursday.

- went to oakland. OSC Santa Cruz Medical team was greatly received. Got to listen to Angela Davis and that was really cool. Give thanks to chipped in for medical supplies. We’d collected $65 for medical supplies, two to-go bags. We really need to get stuff out of the PODS. We need pallets.

Food: Pajaro Valley Teachers donation has come through! Will follow up tomorrow or the next day.

City Council
-5pm meeting monday/ 5pm tuesday: clearing of San Lorenzo, beautifying levee. US Army Corps of Engineers, county part of it. Ten other individuals spoke. OSC went to public safety committee, city council mtg, and the county bofsupervisers to continue the dialogue. There was hopeful connections with city council members for individual meetings.

Street Theatre
-planning x-mas radical caroling

-candle vigil – sing-a-long

-Service Provider Fair. Pop-up tent for a few hours as well as inviting encampment. If you have personal connections, contact Jackie. In January, TBA.

-noon Sunday meetings
-we need more dialogue @ 2:30 Sunday GA’s for the next 3 weeks will be addressing the contentions of River St Actions

-Ken and other members of community have come forward to tell their foreclosure stories. Contact Jackie, Craig, Joy, Jay, Pat,Pallas, Laurie. Meets Friday, 5pm. Five City Council Members said possible moratorium on foreclosed homes. It would have a symbolic effect. Resolution drafted that might be supported by the city council and county and with their support take it to state and federal.

1) Location. KC. No one’s sleeping out here. Alternate locations. People would like a place to stay. People are scattered around town. On Dec 17, it’s National Reoccupation Day.

Discussion: use the forest near UCSC, occupy the levee, it should be public space where we’re visible because it’s a power struggle…we’re the people, the power’s with us, Sleeping is criminalized, other places, courthouse steps, the jail, occupy downtown (dramatizes the violence done in front of shoppers), boardwalk/seaside company, a foreclosed home, reach out to someone whose home in being foreclosed, levee bad idea because it floods, grant street park near holiday inn/denny’s/heavily trafficked, how does a camp fit into the overall occupation, nativity story: holy cross church/mission park, green-tortoise bus camp, squatted house, sleep on your cars in downtown Santa Cruz, came up with list of features for occupy camp, we need to flier to get the word out, city hall or the church, we need to pick a place really fast for dec 17 so people will show up so we can have a larger discussion with people, we need to have a meeting tomorrow rather than thursday, There’s Laurel Park,remember this Courthouse is a public space andwe’ll be driven away from any public space so consider this space.

[POINT OF INFORMATION] Saturday sing-a-long from 4pm to Midnight. Everybody’s already here.

Proposal: invite our campers back here with sleeping bags on Saturday in-line National Re-occupation Day. [Consensed.]

-HUFF meets Wed 10am at Joe’s Pizza/Subs
-Westcoast Shutdown was a success!