GA October 31

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Facilitated by X – started on time!

There were a lot of occupiers and visitors dressed up in costume.
Cookies were passed around.
Started with about 40 people in attendance, as GA went on, grew to 60-80 people.

X started the GA with an overview of the consensus process for the benefit or a couple folks at their first GA.

Before working groups, Phyllis coordinated with the GA about folks wanting to split off early to mingle with the downtown crowd and do a little street theater depicting bankers and occupiers. Folks indicated they’d stay for the GA.

Working group reports

Camp Alliance
Michael reported that there were about 20 new people
joining the camp. He mentioned the assault from last night
and said the camp was working it though.

Tactics (formerly Direct Action)
Mike D asked folks to come to some street theater in Capitola
on Friday from 11AM-3PM to do actions outside of banks. Folks
should come dressed in tourist gear (loud hawaiin shorts, cameras,

no report

Dance Party at 10PM tonight! Need speakers, have humongous 125 watt

Mission Statement
– Mike D – group worked on mission statement, condensed & on web

Media Team is collecting notes from past meetings – anyone have notes get them to Media Team or leave for Media with Intercomm

no report

– Working to get attorney
– Continuing to push city council for resolution in support of OSC
– working to suspend camping ban
– working on suspending county foreclosures

Question for legal: why seek City Council support?
Answer from X: This is coming from Tony Madrigal and Don Lane who came to GA and are initiating resolution

– They meet on Fridays
– working to put together med tent, cot and supplies from Red Cross
– working with someone from SF to put together street medical
– working to put together pepper spray kits

– updated list of needs coming to web site
– Zen Center is bringing food for a GA soon
– X wants people to just “bring more food”
– Dennis mentions that someone in the community named Ida is
$150 for food.
– Pointed out that camp has plenty of raw food, a request for _cooked food_

Art & Music
– 10PM dance party!

– on duty at info desk 7/24

– need large covered garbage cans for recycling and trash
– need more people! down to one super human individual!
– working group meets wed & fir @ 5:30
– compost buckets being emptied and taken away now

– a discussion to start a treasury group
– need people, meet after GA to discuss


SEIU offer to help

– This was X’s item, asking about news of SEIU offer to help.
– Someone stood up and passed on news of a conversation they
heard about an idea for SEIU to provide a team who would come
to support camp in case of police action. Sounds like it hasn’t
beyond the idea phase.

In solidarity with Occupy Oakland November 2 General Strike

– X mentioned plans to support Occupy Oakland’s call for a general
strike and support of Scott Olsen
– The general theme is:
Don’t Work
Don’t Buy
Go and Occupy
– Meet at courthouse at 2PM on Nov 2, march downtown and
protest in front of banks and businesses

Financial Transactions Tax

– Laura and Carmen from California Nurses Association made
a proposal for a rally @ courthouse for Nov 3 in solidarity with
other unions and occupations in support of a FTT.

– “Main Stret Campaign for America” is pushing for a FTT of
1/2 cent per share per transaction. Projected to generate $350
billion in first year to be used for housing, education, etc.

Question: how is tax to be executed?
Answer: no specific legislation proposed yet.

Question: where to go for more info?

Statement: observation that corps are good at circumventing taxes

Straw poll: 100% consensus in support of rally 11/3 11AM – 3PM in
support of FTT

Proposal for camp

– Proposal for camp: circle tents, allow only occupiers inside, Camp Alliance will monitor occupation camp entrances to keep non occupiers out

– Background – response to incidents of theft & violence, how to keep
campers safe, concern that vibe is keeping more people from joining


Question: What about OSC people who are a problem in camp?
Answer: Open to suggestions. Campers or GA could get together
on people to exclude.

Question: how to enforce?
Answer: non violently. Camp Alliance will monitor entrances to camp
and exclude non participants or trouble makers.

Question: What about visitors?
Answer: Camp Alliance monitors will let visitors in

Question: Does camp have an autonomous group?
Answer: Yes.

Statement from Palace Stanford, visiting minister.
– has visited various occupations, and some do “architect” for
– points out the campers are best people to decide how to set and
– notes that in her experience OSC is unique in that GA is not part
of camp, areas are cut off from each other, suggests meeting at steps
by camp to bring
people in and together

Question: who is an “occupier”?
Answer: participants in OSC included, non-participants excluded.

Statement: A visitor for the last 6 days passing through
notes generosity of camp, but also notes there’s a pecking order.

Statement: Ed makes a strong statement against gated communities, and

that homeless camping in proximity are also occupiers.

Statement: Dax, visiting for last 3 days. Doing what I can to help
Notices people “are afraid of homeless”, urges not to exclude.

Straw poll:
About 40-50% vote thumbs down on proposal.
Proposal withdrawn.


Questions for people at GA about GA:

– Question: Are people cool with me videotaping?
– what taping for? Anthropology student looking into occupations.
people seem cool with videotaping.


– David has video project of long line of 300ish people coming out of
with ending tag line “Support Occupy Santa Cruz. We need more tents”.
People will meet after GA to coordinate

– Announcement that cold winter storm coming in Thursday & Friday,
people should get ready for winter and see list of warm weather gear
requests on web site.

– Announcement:
Okay, assemble now for trip downtown.

– Statement:
Occupy Irvine is sanctioned by city council there, provides
Occupy San Jose is cultivating ties with City Council members.

End of GA at 7:05PM almost exactly.