GA October 29

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Working Group Reports

Legal They’re working on City Council support and possible defense strategies.
Media Check internet for Chris’s interview on KION.
Outreach They’re organizing for a union march.
Tactics Steet Theater group is looking for participants for “Bank Action”, Friday, at the Capitola Mall.
Art and Music Need a sound system.
Camp There was no soccer game, yesterday. The field was wet and tape was still up so we don’t know whether WE stopped the YSL game. We’ll call Parks and Rec tomorrow.
Food We’d like help getting hot meals donated for after GA meetings. Call Jean at 426-1397
Mission Statement We adopted a mission statement on Wednesday.


#1 Bay Area Occupy Report: Occupant X visited “Occupy”s Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco and gave us a report. Some of his report was on the news, including the Scott Olson incident, but his descriptions of the “choppers circling”, The mayor, the chief of police (who had to remove his gun and badge) and Michael Moore all standing on stack, the fence around Oscar Grant Plaza being torn down and the 3,000 occupant General Assembly meeting were greeted with cheers. He also talked about the march on the jail, the dance party, the Occupy Santa Cruz visitors being awoken by questions from the press and the full-dress Marines at the Scott Olson memorial.

#2 We discussed the proposal to support the General Strike called by Occupy Oakland for November 2nd. Occupy Oakland will try to shut the Port of Oakland, other “Occupy”s will support in their ways and after discussions about downtown Santa Cruz merchants, our lack of ability to organize, in two days, any large action, our desire to show solidarity and selective picketing, we agreed to support the General Strike by using our Media and Outreach groups to do what we can to have a day of “Non-production and Non-consumption” on November 2nd.

#3 We agreed to have our General Assembly meetings on Sunday at the Camp, in San Lorenzo Park.


#1 Occupy Denver was just attacked by riot police.

#2 In other “Occupy”s, when they know that they’re going to be attacked, they put out calls to overload police lines.

During announcements, a long discussion was held on an Ad Hoc meeting that was held earlier. Before being tabled until Sunday, people talked about the ability of anyone to talk with anyone else, anytime they want, reasons not to have meetings where some people are excluded, “Citizens Arrests” being discussed away from the G.A., disruptions to G.A. meetings, Camp security and “Bad Vibes”.