GA October 26

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Occtopi Santa Cruz: We’re “Sticking Around” Come Join Us!

I. Inspirational Minute

“We walk around shining like the sun.” -Thomas Merton.

II. Working Group Reportbacks

(all meetings are held in front of the
courthouse unless otherwise noted):

1. Direct Action:
Event on Nov 4 & 5: “Occupy Travel Agency.” Direct Action is asking people to volunteer for this action (see today’s agenda notes).
Next meeting: Thursday 2:30pm.

2. Camp:
Camp working group is working on a proposal for tomorrow to hold the GA down at camp once a week. Come to the camp meeting to discuss this.
Camp working group meets at 4pm everyday at the camp.

3. Legal:
There were (allegedly) no plans at the mayor’s office or police to
raid the camp. In a discussion with the mayor, the mayor said that he
has jurisdiction to call police on the OSC camp.

4. Food:
There is a food and donations sign-up sheet. Please sign up to bring
dinners to camp on the calendar at the intercom booth. You can aslo
sign p at Feel free to call the food working group,
whose number can be found at the intercom booth. Donations of ice and
drinking water are always needed.

5. Process:
The process working group is asking for more volunteers. Process
working group is working on a few projects. One: a hand-out about how
the GA works. 2: A hand-out for facilitators to help them with
facilitation process. Meetings are daily before and after GA.

6. Intercom
Communication between camp and courthouse steps is going smoothly.

7. Philosophy and Strategy
No reportback.

8. Media
No reportback; next meeting is Thursday at 4pm.

9. Treasury
OSC has $768.

10. Outreach
People tabled at Cabrillo and it was very successful. The first Occupy
Cabrillo GA is tomorrow (Thursday). People also outreached about
upcoming family night event.
11. Location
No reportback.

12. Art and music
Art/music is planning an electronic music event, coming soon.

13. Sanitation
Sanitation asks that people not use the portapotty during the day if
there are other bathrooms available (such as the one in San Lorenzo
Park or in the courthouse). This will save OSC money that would be
spent on cleaning the portapotty. Sanitation is asking for volunteers
to help to collect the white compost buckets. Clear plastic bags are
for landfill trash. Black plastic bags are for recycling. Sanitation
is also asking for volunteers to bring home dishes to thoroughly
sanitize the dishes that are at the camp.

14. Medical
Medical working group needs more people to participate in the working
group. Medical working group is planning a street medic training, TBA.
Next meeting is Friday at 5pm.

15. Mission Statement group
The mission statement that this group is formulating will be proposed
at tomorrow’s (Thursday) GA.Next meeting is after GA.

16. Infrastructure Group:
Next meeting is after GA.

III. Agenda and Proposals

1. Street Theater Subcommitte:
There is going to be a “Tour of the Corporate and Corrupt” on 41st
Ave. The Street Theater subcommittee need volunteers to play
“tourists” to wear Hawaiian shirts, take pictures, and ogle. This
will be the first in a series of street theater performances. Come to
the next direct action meeting at 2:30 Thursday for more information.

2. Lock up donations:
It is proposed that treasury funds are put in a lock box and that
Bishop, and others trusted with treasury, be given keys. Somebody
mentioned that a lockbox has already been purchased and that it is
“on its way.” There was also a suggestion that a bike lock be used
to lock the box to the table. There will also be a credit union
account for OSC coming soon.

3. Robin Hood March this Saturday
Global action calling for a 1% tax on all financial transactions
Proposal passed to meet at courthouse Saturday October 29 morning at
10:30am and be prepared to march.

4. January Debt Strike
There is an action being planned where supporters of Occupy Wall St.
et al refuse to pay their student loans, credit card, or mortgage for
the month of January. The GA decided to discuss this for a few
-There is already a movement for Nov. 5 (Bank Transfer Day/Move Your
Money Day).
-How does the 1% affect our community? Where do they live and work?
-Concern about working and poor people “hurting themselves more.”
-Will we have the numbers in January to do this action effectively?
-6 major banks control 90% of credit in USA. An action like this will
“scare the living daylights” out of the 1%.
-”How about don’t use your credit card for the month of January?”
-Banks will get money the next month with the next bill.
-Direct Action group could plan this action.
-We could have this action on Black Friday.
-Lack of debt would be the ultimate goal. If we didn’t use our credit
cards we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

IV. Announcements

1. “Fly vs Fly” (two versions of The Fly!) will play at the
courthouse this Friday night. Bring a radio to be able to listen to

2. There will be a meeting of the People’s Democratic Club about how
to participate and how to support OSC and the Occupy movement in
general. The meeting is Thursday at 7pm at Galleria building at 740
Front St. Room 165. The meeting is open, free, and accessible. Some
people will be leaving about halfway through the GA to attend.

3. Commander X will be on pirate radio tomorrow night at 6pm from

4. Seminar on how to communicate with the public. Thursday at 8pm in
front of courthouse.

5. There is a display at the Santa Cruz Bookshop about the Occupy

6. There is a presentation about creating a systematic canvas campaign
for OSC, right after tonight’s GA.

7. Facilitator training Thursday at 3pm in front of the courthouse.

8. The city of LA is in solidarity with the occupation.

9. Queer OSC Solidarity March Thursday at 9pm starting at the clock

10. Thursday after GA there will be a teach-in to practice expressing
to people what OSC is and what we are trying to do.

11. There is a 3000 person GA going on in Oakland tonight! They retook
the plaza!

12. First Occupy Cabrillo GA at Cabrillo College Thursday in
amphitheater. Gather at 12:30 pm; GA is from 1pm-2:30pm. Anybody can

13. There was concern about letting people who voted “thumbs down”
to voice their opinion.

14. There was concern expressed about people taking photographs
without consent.