GA October 22

October 22, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

Tonight’s General Assembly was briefly interrupted by a horde of chanting zombies: “What do we want to eat? Brains! When do we want to eat them? NOW!”

Working Group Reports

-There is a calendar at the info desk and in the camp kitchen to sign up to make food for certain times of the day. Ex:before, during, or after GA’s.
-New facilitator trainers needed–to help hold training’s 2X per week
-meetings every day an hour or so before GA’s and every day right after GA’s.
-now taking submissions on the website for publications.
-meeting tomorrow @ 4pm
Direct Action
-street theater sub-committee looking for volunteers
-meeting monday @4:30
-communications sub-committee meeting at 8pm thursday
-portapottie key is kept at the info desk
-cigarette cans will be placed in certain areas to promote smoking areas.
-needs more people/volunteers because most members can’t attend regularly
-lawsuit is written up and ready to file (lawsuit making it legal for us to be here–taking away the no lodging law?
Camp Group
-suggested smoking areas
-they are working on rules for the camp
-might bring up a proposal in the future about hosting the GA’s in the camp once or twice a week
Mission Statement
-should have a statement by tuesday
-meet in Tee-pee tomorrow after the GA



A proposal passed consensus to recommend limiting unreasonable noise after 10pm out of respect for neighbors.