GA October 21

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Guerilla Drive-In. Photo by Justin White.

Tonight’s GA concluded with a screening of V for Vendetta, preceded by a few “subversive shorts.” Many thanks to Guerilla Drive-In for coming to Occupy Santa Cruz!

Working Group Reportbacks

Tactics: A consensus upon a change of name from “Direct Action” to “Tactics.” A new sub-group called “Street Theatre” created, see David S. for more details. Next meeting: 4:30pm Monday, October 24.


  • An attorney is interested in representing OSC.
  • SCPD is photographing and keeping an eye on the encampment in San Lorenzo Park. They are aware of and support our sanitation efforts in the park.
  • Youth Soccer Leagues are beginning in the park soon, and rent most of the grassy areas near the river up to about the current location of the Medical Tipi.


  • You can sign-up online (; type “occupy” for both the recipient and password boxes) for a dinner slot to share a meal with Occupy Santa Cruz!
  • Needs help promoting and getting food for OSC Family Day and the Human Chain event.


  • Discussed issues regarding people not able to hear during GAs:
    • If you can’t hear, move closer first.
    • Cup hands around mouth when talking to the GA.
    • Use the loudspeaker.
    • Speak in short phrases for the loudspeaker.
    • Creating a temporary sound barrier to block traffic noise during GAs.
  • Discussed the role of the “greeter.”
  • Members of Process will attend other groups’ meetings and report back process issues within the working groups.


  • Thanks for more fliers!
  • Getting more organized.
  • Working on inter-group communication.
  • Needs help! There are only two people part of this group.


  • New Media Content Policy is in the works to be posted online at soon. This will allow for more voices and opinions to be seen on the website through a moderated “Community Perspectives” page and an unmoderated public forum.
  • Press Releases regarding the Statement of Nonviolence and Human Chain event have been released.

Sanitation & Environment:

  • Needs reusable dishes and utensils!
  • Do not throw away plastic utensils as they can be washed and reused.
  • Use appropriate trash bins: Trash, Recycle, and Compost.
  • Obtained a vehicle for Port-a-Potties!


  • A small group was donated a free CPR certification class!
  • There are medical supplies at camp and there is an inventory every Friday.
  • Educational pamphlet for marches, etc.

Mission Statement: Meetings take place in the Tipi after every GA currently, but may change due to lack of light in the Tipi later in the evening.


  • Queer March by The Diversity Center
    • Next Thursday, October 27 at 9:00pm starting at the Clock Tower. Ends at Madhouse on Seabright for an after party.
    • Proposal: Invited OSC to join, we will march in support of this march as OSC (rather than as autonomous individuals).
    • Discussion:
    • Many in support of joining the march as OSC.
    • Consensus! OSC will march along with the Queer March.
  • Questions
    • Proposal: Add a place to ask “random” questions to the agenda under Announcements for people with unanswered questions.
    • Consensus! There is now a place for questions under Announcements.
  • Grass Care
    • Discussion:
    • Fencing the grass area to mitigate damage. Talk to county about getting a fence.
    • Use sidewalk instead of walking on grass.
    • Use native grass or plant food  instead of current grass.
    • Be careful of short fences.
    • Bright colored tape better than fences.
    • Sent to Sanitation & Environment work group to discuss and bring a formal proposal to the GA regarding grass care.
  • Public Bathrooms
    • Discussion
    • Need to address the issue of bathrooms directly.
    • Ask city to leave the bathrooms in San Lorenzo Park open all night.
    • City has the responsibility to provide bathrooms.
    • The city will soon complain about OSC soon regarding sanitation issues.
    • Sheriff came by today to check in on camp.
    • Sent to Sanitation & Environment work group to discuss and bring a formal proposal to the GA regarding bathrooms.


  • Visitor from Occupy San Francisco:
    • Asked what OSC does about handling money: who has access, how is money spent and distributed, etc.
    • Reported latest about Occupy San Francisco: SFPD has stated there will be no further raids. They have about 180 campers every night.
  • Guerilla Drive-In movie tonight!
  • Voices from the Village Community Television wants to talk with people from OSC on live television Sunday, October 23 at 7:00pm.
  • One person read a statement as a reminder that now is the time to understand each other and to top fearing one another. Unity is the key to success.
  • WAMMFest is Saturday, October 22 and has offered slots for OSC to speak.