GA October 20

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The sun sets on our occupation camp in San Lorenzo Park

Last night’s was a brief GA, with more words devoted to announcements than agenda items. We’re all excited for an event-packed weekend…

Working Group Reports

Legal: Contact made with attorney to possibly present to court a petition for injunction against further police intervention.

Food: Website setup to sign up for bringing meals. (enter ‘occupy’ in name and password fields.) Next meeting: 4pm Friday.

Camp: getting more organized, numbers are growing, camp security is up and running

Process: have been doing facilitator review & feedback. Have been discussing hand signals, yesterday’s block, meaning of a block, and facilitator stress. Added info to co-facilitator role. Discussing possibility of having people line up for stack.

Media: Press releases about Sunday’s event. News release about non-violent statement. Putting media policy on website for review. Next meeting: Sunday 4pm.

Treasury: WePay works like PayPal, but less corporate. 3.5% fee. Need a person for managing WePay acct. Also need two check signers & social security #s. Please see treasury.

Outreach: Occupy Cabrillo has 1st meeting today, good opportunity for outreach.

Sanitation: Looking for new members! See Tom.

Mission Statement: Making good progress, having lively discussions about philosophy behind mission statement. Considering about 4 or 5 proposals.


Continue with Consensus?

A discussion on our process was briefly continued: Shall we continue with consensus? Is it working? Should we use Robert’s Rules? One occupier asked for alternatives to consensus be suggested. No proposal was made, but vocal support was shown in favor of continuing to use consensus decisionmaking. It was also pointed out that consensus is only the method by which we make decisions, and the process by which we hold our discussions is evolving organically.


The most likely option right now to provide a toilet to the camp is to park a potty on a trailer on the street. This will require treasury money, and a volunteer to supply a vehicle with a trailer hitch to park on-site. Several options were presented: delivery + once/week cleaning ($90/mo), twice/week cleaning (extra $25/wk), handwashing station (+$15), disabled access ($165), and $4/day ($8 for two spaces) to park. The assembly consensed to acquire a porta-potty, and to entrust the Sanitation working group to determine the logistics.


WAMMFest is taking place on Saturday, beginning at noon, in San Lorenzo Park adjacent to our camp. OSC was invited to table at the event, as well as to give a 2-3 minute talk on-stage. See Casey if you’d like to speak or table on behalf of OSC.

Transition SC

An occupier spoke to Transition SC, asking for their support. They invited us to join them at their next potluck, November 15 at 6:30pm.


To be proposed at next GA: having an event on Sunday after GA for people involved in Occupy Oakland to talk to us about their process and experiences

BofA Picket: Several occupiers had performed a small picket of Bank of America in the morning, and related the very positive community response. A police officer called to the scene told them that she had just withdrawn all her money from the bank.

Queer March: October 27, 9pm @ the Clocktower. Several occupiers are going to try to get them to start at the courthouse

Capture the Ave: Friday October 21, 12pm. A capture the flag game on Pacific Avenue. Reclaiming public space, an event held in solidarity with OSC.

Guerrilla Drive-in: Friday October 21, 8pm. Movie night at the courthouse. “V for Vendetta.” Next Friday: two versions of “The Fly,” bring an FM radio.

Rob w/a Bus: In contact with some Occupy Wall St. and Occupy SF organizers, wants to keep us in touch with them. He has a tour bus and a PA to support Occupy Santa Cruz.

More flyers and DVDs coming.

Police repression informational event: 2pm Saturday at courthouse.

UN March: Saturday 10:30am, corner of Cathcart St.