GA October 18

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Today’s GA begins. Photo from Facebook.

It has been two weeks since Occupy Santa Cruz began! Big thank you’s to our awesome note-takers for today’s notes. Silent protests at Foreclosure Auctions at the main entrance to the Superior Court were concensed upon, there will be a Family Fun day on Saturday, and a Human Chain on West Cliff on Sunday, details and more below.

  1. Working Groups

    • Food: Working on a website so people can sign up for meal times.
    • Process: Meets Monday-Saturday at 5:15pm and 7pm, Sundays at Noon
    • Media: Website now has a calendar of events, streaming and archiving audio of GAs at
    • Direct Action: Setting up a communication board on
    • Outreach: Currently contacting unions. A friendly reminder for anyone to outreach with the people they talk to, such as friends, acquaintances, and family.
    • Art & Music: No permanent art is currently allowed at occupation site.
    • Medical: There will be a street medic training (TBA). There are medical supplies at camp. Meetings are Fridays at 5:00pm.
    • Legal: ACLU will soon issue a statement supporting OSC! The attorney representing us would like to address the GA. Legal is looking for additional attorneys, if someone you know is interested please contact them.
    • Camp: Park service came by today and provided the sprinkler schedule. There was an anonymous grocery donation (thank you!), and the camp is functioning well!
    • Mission Statement: Meeting after GA.
  1. Agenda

    • Civil Disobedience
      • Numbers are too small to peacefully resist at this point.
      • We need a strategy before we disobey, and need to be prepared before we risk arrest.
      • Autonomous individuals can engage in civil disobedience so long as it is not resistant against OSC’s Statement of Nonviolence.
      • Police have not given much reason to adopt this yet.
        • Counter: Some people have felt threatened by police. One individual stated that a police SUV deliberately drove dangerously close to him during Saturday’s march. The first day of the occupation they made us take down a tarp during a rainstorm.
        • One individual’s favorite decision made was to respect the rights of the campers to obey or disobey the police.
        • Another was not in favor of “anything brotherly” with the police, we do not know when things will turn with the police and they will no longer be friendly.
      • Mission Statements for each workgroup promotes segregation and we are here as a united entity.
      • Direct Action was not focused on outreach, several options were discussed.
      • There is an action tomorrow (10/19/11): a picket at Bank of America starting at 9:00am.
      • Direct Action is a work in progress and wants more ideas for actions to consider and implement.
      • Everyone should bring ideas to Direct Action, and if they do not offer to help then organize your own action autonomously and bring to announcements.
      • One individual favored the idea of repeated visits to banks, maybe once every hour to be an annoyance, rather than once a week.
      • A consensus was made in favor of this action!
      • Proposal: OSC adopt a philosophy of Civil Disobedience.
      • Discussion:
      • Proposal: Mission Statements for individual Working Groups be established.
      • Discussion:
      • Proposal: Direct Action workgroup should be a part of outreach.
      • Discussion:
      • Proposal (by Direct Action): A silent protest at every Foreclosure Auction that occurs at the main entrance to the courthouse. Announcement: The date(s) and time(s) of these auctions is disputed currently. Meet at the courthouse steps on Water St. at Noon tomorrow, Wednesday October 19 to participate in this protest. If it is not at Noon, it will be postponed until 1:30pm or whenever the next is. Once date and time are established, a protest will occur at every auction.
      • Discussion:
  1. Announcements

    • We should spread awareness of the movement on the internet, one person was censored on Craigslist.
    • Refund California will have a Labor Day (November 9) march from UCSC into town. OSC will probably join at a bank. Labor Community meeting next Tuesday, October 25 at OSC.
    • A General Assembly will be held at UCSC this Thursday, October 20 from 6:00pm-8:00pm in Social Sciences 1 Room 110 (located on the outside of the building).
    • Upcoming Proposal by Process Workgroup for next GA: “All proposals and agenda items be announced one day before discussion, unless it is an urgent proposal that is time-sensitive or an emergency.”
    • There are more campers every day!
    • Word from the Sheriffs Department: Must keep a clear space on and in front of steps in the case of its function as an emergency exit.
    • Local bail bonds are on our side! So long as we do not “break things.”
    • We need more fliers! Businesses on Pacific are willing to support us and post fliers.
    • Saturday, October 22, 2:00pm at the courthouse: International Day Against Police Brutality, “Stand together with the occupations facing police repression.”
    • Capture the Ave: Foxfire, a feminist group that meets Wednesdays at SubRosa organized a game of Capture the Flag on Pacific Avenue Friday, October 21 at Noon starting at the Clock Tower. The more people the more fun and successful it will be! Reappropriate and redefine public space.
    • Someone is organizing a schedule of teach-ins for OSC.  If you’re interested in leading an educational or discussion based teach in on a topic related to the Occupy movement, please contact Yasmiene Mabrouk:
    • November 9 is a day of action against austerity, organized by an outside group.
    • The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County has voted to support us, and would like to be available as a resource to OSC.
    • Friday, October 21, 7:30pm at the courthouse: V for Vendetta showing.
    • Sunday, October 23, 11:00am at the Lighthouse: Gather at the Lighthouse, a Human Chain will begin at Noon and extend down the West Cliff bike path, holding hands, chanting, and singing. Suggestions for a new title for this event are encouraged!
    • Need an LED light for OSC at night.
    • Audio Livestream!
    • Saturday, October 22, 10:00am at the courthouse: OSC Family Fun Day! Come join with other OSC families for planning/networking, music, art, face painting and kid’s yoga/flying. Bring a picnic/potluck dish! We can begin to coordinate a babysitting co-op, talk about children’s safety at events, and how we (and the community) can support each other in holding space for the little ones. As one little one said during GA the other day: “This is what democracy looks like!”… let’s make it so across the country and across the world. We will gather on the lawn in front of the courthouse steps, underneath the redwood trees. See you there!