GA October 17 Notes

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October 17 General Assembly of #OccupySantaCruz on the steps of the Superior Courthouse (photo by @cneklason)

Another GA, another set of heroic notes. Consensed upon during this meeting: a human chain action on West Cliff, the establishment of a mission statement subcommittee, a bank picket on Wednesday October 19, and an affirmation of autonomous action.

I. Reportbacks from Working Groups

October 17 GA agenda (photo by @cneklason)

(all working group meetings at occupation site unless otherwise noted):

1. Legal:
a. Legal announced we need more police liasons. Soon legal will put on
a police liason workshop.
Legal meets after GA

2. Philosophy/Strategy:
a. There was contention at last P/S meeting about working on a mission

3. Media:
a. A new website is in the works.
b. We have established contacts with all local news outlets, most
coverage has been fair.
Next Media meeting: Thursday at 4 pm.

4. Direct Action:
a. Direct Action suggests we have more actions throughout the entire
week (not just Fridays and Saturdays).
Next Direct Action meeting: Tuesday at 4 pm.

5. Outreach:
a. Outreach has been reaching out to unions, Cabrillo college, and
b. There will be a canvassing workshop soon (TBA).
Outreach meets after GA.

6. Sanitation:
a. There was a reminder to put food scraps in compost, but no meat.
b. Sanitation would like donations of old coffee cans to use as
c. Sanitation needs more volunteers and reminds GA that sanitation is
a collective effort.
Next Sanitation meeting: Wednesday at 5:30pm; Friday at 5:30pm.

7. Medical:
a. There will be a street medic training (TBA).
Medical meets every Friday at 5pm.

8. Treasury:
a. Paul Johnstone has stepped in to volunteer “handling of funds.” We
need a banking liason, somebody to volunteer who has familiarity with
banking industry.
b. $35 from the treasury was used for camping supplies.

9. Camping:
a. Camping suggests that donations of water and ice are always
b. There is a 24 hour watch scheduled to ensure safety of campers.
Visit teepee at the campsite.

10. Process:
Process meets Monday through Saturday at 5:15pm.

II. Agenda Items

1. Union Rally Friday: Participants of Direct Action proposed that OSC
have a union rally this Friday Oct. 21 at 5pm. DA is asking everybody
to reach out to unions and trade associations, and try to get them
involved. There was discussion about the importance of getting unions
on board and to lead in the planning of the rally. Proposal was
approved by GA.
[Correction: The GA agreed to form a subcommittee to liason with the unions in order to prepare for such a potential action.] Speak with Direct Action for details.

2. Direct Action Sunday: Participants of Direct Action proposed an
action for Sunday Oct. 23. At 11:30am participants of OSC meet at the
West Cliff Lighthouse. When we have gathered a whole crowd, we spread
out as a human chain down the bike path of West Cliff Drive. At around
noon we will have chants and songs (to be handed out at the action).
Proposal was approved by GA. Please bring ideas to Direct Action
meeting to help plan.

3. Mission Statement Working Group: Participants of the
Philosophy/Strategy working group proposed a [separate] committee be formed that
would be tasked with writing a mission statement that is inline with
OSC’s inclusive principles. They described that there was some
contention at the last Philosophy/Strategy meeting concerning adoption
of a mission statement, as well as using the term “mission statement.”
During GA discussion, some other participants of Philosophy/Strategy
stressed that they wanted to create a core values statement on top of
which to build other statements. The GA discussed the original
proposal and finally approved it. The time/date of the first meeting
of the Mission Statement Subcommittee [Working Group] will be announced at Tuesday’s GA.

6. Intention: A member of the Mother Earth Healing Foundation proposed
that OSC adopt a statement that would create “intention” in group
actions. Proposal was rejected by GA.

5. Wednesday Picket the Banks: It was proposed that OSC picket the
banks in Santa Cruz this Wednesday Oct. 19. Proposal was approved by

6. Autonomy: It was proposed that OSC should reaffirm autonomous
actions by individuals/groups, without the need to get permission to
use the “Occupy Santa Cruz” name. In other words, an individual can
act autonomously and does not necessarily need to propose their action
to the GA. There was discussion about obtaining trademark. During
discussion it was brought up that OSC is a movement, not a group or
company. Proposal of re-affirmation was approved by GA.

III. Announcements:

1. There will be two facilitator trainings this week: Tuesday Oct. 18
at 1pm; and Friday Oct. 21 at 4:30 pm.

2. The GAs are streaming live on internet on OSCRadio.

3. Opportunities for outreach:
a. United Nations Day March, Saturday Oct. 22 (details at

b. WAMMfest, Saturday Oct. 22 at 1pm, San Lorenzo Park

4. There will be a movie night on courthouse steps this Friday Oct.
21, showing “V for Vendetta.”

5. FreeRadio 101.1 FM will be up and running within the week.

6. Homeless outreach: there is a HUFF meeting Wednesday Oct. 19 at
10am at SubRosa.

7. Please keep children’s safety in mind during marches and

8. Mad props to India Joze for bringing us dinner!