GA October 16

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Another tidy meeting, this one accompanied by tidy, detailed, typed notes contributed by a new volunteer. We are trying to move in the direction of publishing point-by-point outlines of every meeting in this format.

Consensuses of this assembly: We established two new working groups, Homeless Outreach and Camp Coordination. We also agreed that working groups should designate in advance a person for reportback at each GA, with the intention that group reports be deliberate and useful. Several other proposals were also brought to the GA, and either blocked or tabled for further consideration by the working groups.

Working Group Reports

  1. Good news from Legal
    – nightly police liasons assigned.
    – donation of $2500 from anonymous friend
    – police are supportive of rally. they want us to succeed
  2. Direct Action meets today @ 4:30PM
  3. Food: (Tom)
    – signups open
    – calendar by camp site – can sign up to make food
  4. Process Group: (Wes)
    – intergroup committee – meeting daily 5:15PM & Sundays @ 12PM (noon)
    – alternatives to full consensus?
  5. Intercom: (Andre)
    – out of flyers : need more flyers
  6. Philosophy & Strategy:
    – meeting @ 6PM sunday @ CommuniTea ( ) @ 7 Squid Row
    – mission statement? do we need one?
  7. Media
    – training @ 5PM re: “how to talk to press”
  8. Treasury (Andre)
    – $384 raised ( $944 total )
  9. Outreach (Summer)
    – Looking to coordinate with UCSC and Cabrillo groups
    – Want to create a cohesive santa cruz presence.
    – Meeting @ 3:30PM
  10. Location: (Wes) Ideas:
    – no violence to self or others
    – no theft
    – no alcohol / drugs
    – no disruptive behavior
    – everyone must contribute
    – chat after meeting to discuss
  11. Art & Music:
    – Compliments to yesterday
  12. Sanitation :
    – trying to arrange porta-potties. looking for the person who said they arranged them before
    – we’re reusing plastic utensils (washing & reusing) so don’t throw them in the recycle bin
    – need volunteers
  13. Medical : (Noah)
    – Want to set up a medical tent
    – Meet every friday @ 5PM

Agenda Items

Camp Supervision: (Tom)

  • Proposal: 24 hr. supervision chosen by people in the camp
    • attend camp coordination
    • define camp area
    • describe what camp is about. people have been coming up and just asking for food.
    • camp image: what it looks like
    • communicate meal times
    • contain kitchen
    • state participation requirements
  • Stack: We live in a society that doesn’t always recognize the needs of people. important to not create more class bias
  • Passed Consensus / Consensed Upon

Homeless Outreach Group:

  • Proposal:
    • network with homeless community
    • for homeless to come to us w/o drugs & alcohol and limit violence among their community.
    • so they can bring their needs to the GA
  • Stack:
    • also include outreach to homeless advocacy and services groups (passed as friendly amendment)
    • 50% of group membership from homeless community
    • be realistic – meet them (homeless) and know who they are, not who you think they are.
  • Passed Consensus / Consensed Upon

Process Proposal 1:

  • Proposal: any proposal must first go through a working group before coming to GA; objective is to shorten meetings & have less rambling and mitigate half-baked proposals
  • Discussion:
    • must know when meetings are
    • if rejected by a group can still bring to GA
    • has the benefit of having idea/proposal discussed before GA.
  • Blocked – further discussion sent to process group

Process Proposal 2:

  • Proposal: Each working group assign an individual to come to the GA with the time of the WG’s next meeting (in addition to coming with WG minutes)
  • Passed Consensus / Consensed Upon

Certificate of Merit To Police:

  • Proposal: Santa Cruz police have done an extremely good job of working w/ us, exercising constraint on the Oct 15th event. We should present a “certificate of merit” to the police.
  • Discussion:
    • Eliot recuses himself as facilitator so he can join discussion.
    • BLOCK – “the cops are not on our side.” – Several people agree
    • comment: “Cops have been threatening.”
    • comment: “<someone> hates cops.”
    • Suggestion: take down the “end police brutality” sign (considered off topic)
    • Counter-argument to the block: “cops are not 1%” — we should reach out to them.
    • Counter-Counter-argument: cops are the enforcers for the 1%.
    • comment: not against cops as people, but against their role.
    • comment: if we give them merit for being nice, we produce the perception that we’re dependent upon their largess.
    • comment: “i am against blanket statements for / against police.”
    • comment: “not suggesting we give merit to the cops for being cops, but for being “good cops.” – analogy to operand conditioning made.. if you’re nice to the cops when they’re nice to you, and not nice when they’re not nice to you, maybe they’ll learn to be nice (?)
  • Blocked – goes back to direct action group
  • comment: “you’re still perfectly free to send a commendation note to the police on your own, but it doesn’t have consensus to come from the group.”


Occupation Times (Wes):

  • Check it out! A printed work that aggregates events from occupy events around the world. New edition coming on Tuesday.

Facilitator Training

  • Eliot did an OSSM job as facilitator
  • Need everyone to be a facilitator, discussion and training after the GA

“Get a Job” Perception:

  • People drive by and yell “get a job.”
  • Proposal: We have signs highlighting ecological (and economic?) damage from multi-national corporations.
  • Comment: anyone is free to make a sign


Outreach Training w/ Sean and/or Abby

  • See them for more details

Special Sign Tomorrow

Food! W00T! Thx Gene (Jean?) for bringing the grub.

Tuesday, there’s a Labor / Education discussion @ 5PM @ Louden Community Center re: how to make Wall Street pay for education

  • Proposal: Someone should go and coordinate w/ them
  • Comment: Already planned. We have someone going.

Live Stream:

  • listen to the livestream if you hear something’s going down @ the santa cruz occupation site. (this is an audio broadcast provided by one autonomous participant of OSC)

Roberto from Portland expresses his solidarity with us in Santa Cruz.

  • Thx Roberto! We love you too!