GA October 15 and Global Day of Action!

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Protesters march on Ocean Street. Photo by Justin White.

“Keep asking questions, or else it becomes a religion.” -Bill Maher

A phenomenal, and truly inspiring march today, and we’d like to commend all who joined and kept us in mind on this eventful Global Day of Action. Amidst a lively crowd with many newcomers, the day began with a talented lineup of speakers and musicians, radiating positive and empowering messages in their songs and words. We will have videos up soon, and there are photos on Facebook as well.

The march commenced just after 2:30pm and headed towards Chase bank on Ocean Street, and continued down Ocean with the group reclaiming one direction of the street.With chants and kazoos, the crowd of approximately 200-250 people made itself heard as it turned the corner onto Pacific Avenue, plenty of spectators stopping to support us along the sidewalks.We made stops at Wells Fargo and Bank of America as well as a brief sit-in on the Water Street bridge before concluding the march back at the Superior Courthouse. More talented speakers and musicians performed before the General Assembly at 6:00pm.

In order to welcome our many newcomers, we held a short “mock GA” where the consensus process was explained and practiced. Discussion over the use of our megaphone served as the “proposal,” and proved contentious, dominating much of the assembly. Representatives from each work group then explained a little bit about what their  roles are in Occupy Santa Cruz and announced their next meetings to gain more members.

Some groups relayed further information and expressed further needs.

Legal presented that Lt. Larry Richards of SCPD has stated that “laws are being violated” at the encampment. Legal has expressed that we need more campers in order to deter potential police action. The issue of continuing a line of communication with the police department will be discussed in the next GA.

Intercommunications, Sanitation & Cleanup, and Medical all need more members! If interested, please attend their next meetings.

Media also needs more members, and a training about how to talk to the Press will occur at the next meeting. We especially need people who have experience dealing with external media outreach.

The GA congratulated Art & Music for putting on an awesome concert/event today!


Dennis, a professor from Cabrillo College, along with Summer, a Cabrillo student, announced that they will be starting Occupy Cabrillo in the coming week. Spread the movement! Very inspiring.

A friendly reminder to be respectful of our other occupants and to smoke farther away and downwind.

We now have our very own Livestream, on the sidebar of our Facebook group! Someone also brought a projector to show videos, tonight we showed Occupy Wall Street’s livestream.

Finally, if anyone would like to submit artwork for the tipi erected in the encampment, please contact Robert (the tipi’s owner).