GA October 13

October 14, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

Police presence at the occupation (from October 7, photo from Facebook)

We need people at the courthouse and at the encampment in San Lorenzo Park on Water Street now more than ever! Come down to the courthouse and defend your right to peacefully protest!

The majority of our discussion tonight revolved around the police threat to issue citations to any camper in San Lorenzo Park tomorrow morning (Friday, October 14) under the 647e lodging statute, a ban that has not been enforced until the encampment was relocated approximately 200ft from its original location  tomorrow morning. There was further discussion about the events of Saturday’s Global Day of Action.

We were unfortunately derailed from our desired one-hour format partly due to multiple highly disruptive and impeding interruptions during the GA. There was discussion about our relationships with unions and other protest events that will be occurring locally within the next month. Direct Action conducted a straw poll to gather information regarding our next steps, including events such as flash mobs or a “die-in,” however specific We reached a consensus that one autonomous participant would attend a City Council meeting and concurrently return the GA with a proposal regarding whether or not the OSCGA will fraternize a relationship with the City Council of Santa Cruz.