GA October 11

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Tuesday afternoon Facilitator training. Photo by Justin White.

As the occupation continues, we are becoming an even more tight-knit community of wonderful, beautiful people.

There will be a themed march tomorrow, Wednesday October 12 at 3:30pm starting from the courthouse and will roughly follow the same route as the October 8 march, stopping briefly at each major bank. The theme is the “Corporate Ball,” participants is encouraged to dress up as  bankers, corporate CEO’s, etc (although not compulsory!) The march will be complete with dancing, music, and general merrymaking. Organized by the Direct Action group, they request drummers and boom boxes for music. Please come and show your support in this lighthearted, yet powerful event!

The Resource Center for Nonviolence is offering a nonviolence training session as well tomorrow, Wednesday October 12 at 5:00pm at the courthouse.

The GA discussed the roles of two newly formed groups, Medical and Treasury. Medical currently has a member in San Francisco doing street level training and the time and day of its first meeting will be announced at tomorrow’s GA. The group consensed that Treasury will allocate funds for OSC via an application process, and there was discussion of opening an account in a local credit union that will be discussed in later meetings within the working group as well as the GA.

A daily 4:00pm scheduled soapbox-type platform was established for less process-based and logistical discussion that occurs within the GA. An empowering and inspirational quote, deemed the “inspirational minute,” will commence a GA if someone has brought one to share. A discussion waged over the October 14 event, and the need to formulate plans for the worldwide October 15 was raised.

The group exclaimed spirited sentiments about National Coming Out Day and standing in solidarity with the recent arrests at Occupy Boston. The assembly concluded in just over an hour with high spirits and lots of delicious food.

The assembly. Photo by @cneklason.