GA November 5, 2011

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Our rainiest General Assembly thus far, this one was held directly after our special assembly to discuss the unsolicited event permit. The GA was followed by a delicious dinner of mixed salad, wild rice, warm meat, and tofu curry.

Inspirational Piece

– Che Guevara quote about love being the most important element of revolution.

National Update Minute

– In Washington D.C
– Large powerful demonstration at Koch brothers/Herman Cain event (or something) and 3 protesters were hit by a car, but not seriously injured.
– Denver
– Rubber bullets + injuries
– Live demonstration + chats online
– Oakland
– Some property damage but on whole very peaceful until attacks by police at night.
– Baltimore
– Don’t time GA agendas there and that’s a problem, so good job SC.

Urgent Announcements + Introductions

– Western Service Workers Association
– Located on Mission St.
– Organizes lowest-paid workers in the community who have repeatedlybeen stolen from by the top 1%.
– Goals and beliefs are inline with those of the occupy movement, and is in solidarity.
– Has been training organizers for 37 years.
– Classes on subjects such as US labor history and social movements every Sunday 4 to 6.

– Post-Doctorate research union
– Supportive of the Education day of action.
– In solidarity with occupiers.

– Party for Socialism and Liberation
– In solidarity with occupiers.
– Website:

– Announcement: Tomorrow (11/6/11)’s rescue mission to San Jose was cancelled and rescheduled for next Sunday (11/13/11) at same time (didn’t catch).

Working Group Reports

Direct Action + Tactics
– Made 3 news stations and a piece in the Metro last week (or something).
– Was on TV two days in a row.
– Bank transfer day was today.

– New camper today
– Some extra space tonight
– Made chile for everyone and had extras for other people stopping by.
– Meetings every day @ 4 if necessary.

– Didn’t meet yesterday
– Meetings @ 5:15 and after GA everyday.

– Sign was put on poles to increase visibility
– Got 2 tarps
– Meetings after GA daily

Facilitations + Working group
– Meetings M, W, F @ 3:30

– Meeting 3:30 tomorrow
– Need to redouble media efforts + publishing notes

– Tabling at Cabrillo, UCSC, and on Pacific
– Trying Mission and some other places
– Meetings Sunday and Thursday after GA

– City Manager issued permit w/conditions
– There was a special meeting @ 4 today regarding the permit
– People who get citations should call 423-HUFF, because compiling list
– Have been 7 citations and 2 arrests so far, 1 person still behind bars

– California Nurses Association looking into new tent
– Need more supplies and want donations
– Meetings at 5pm every Friday

– Was a good week for eating but doesn’t mean will be easy in future
– Taking donations

Art + Music
– Recruiting musicians for Nov 9th day of action
– Also for Nov 19th

– Group getting better at facilitating communications

– Meeting tomorrow @ 11:30 to clean up
– Just garbage and stuff, could use some help

– Meetings M, W, F @ 2
– Getting account setup with credit union

Agenda Items

– Permit rejection proposal discussion
– Perimeter fencing -_ put off until tomorrows GA
– Announcement/suggestion to create camera crew/team

Item: Permit rejection + press release

– Proposal:
– Reject permit
– Present new proposal to media in press release
– Invite city council + officials to come out to Occupy to negotiate if they wish.
– Emphasize need for us to negotiate on our terms.

– Opinions from GA
– 1st:
– Need to reiterate why we’re here, and start from there taking that into consideration
– We need to take accoutability for ourselves and principles
– Should take time to consider this before inviting the Mayer and stuff.
– 2nd:
– Need to have positive attitude and dialogue with city officials during negotiatons.
– 3rd:
– One point of contention: we should send reps to city office to negotiate.
– Definitely can’t sign permit as is:
– Puts too much financial responisbility on one person
– Have to move camp soon anyways due to flooding.

– 4th:
– Agree with need to negotiate on our own terms
– Need more time to discuss however
– 5th:
– Support proposal, but propose form subcommitte to form list of needs/demands for counter-proposal to permit.
– e.g. Open san lorenzo bathrooms
– Agree with open invitation of city officials to come here to negotiate, but someone should go to office (?)
– 6th:
– This is a great opportunity to reframe discussion
– Concerned over giving police position in media (?)
– 7th:
– Don’t know if invite press conference is right route.
– No consensus was reached at special meeting on subject.
– Should table discussion for tomorrow’s GA
– 8th:
– Only group part of is human race.
– They’re trying to put us in a box with the permit.
– This is a protest for everybody.
– 9th:
– They’re claiming law is on their side.
– Counter-permit proposal should include suspension of laws in ways we feel are valid to situation e.g. sleeping law.
– We should not negotiate out of fear.

Restate of Proposal:
– No to proposed permit
– Yes to negotiation if officials come to GA to present/negotiate.
– Media and Press conference to offer counter-proposal / reject current.

Test for Consensus:
– One Block:
– Need to send representative to negotiate with city council, not flat-out reject efforts by city officials to offer permit.
– Friendly Amendment:
– Reject permit AS IS, be open with PUBILIC negotiation with
– Some thumbs down want to put off until tomorrow’s GA
– Upon test for consensus, decide to put off until tomorrow.

Consensus for another Special Assembly on November 6, 11am-1:45pm, to further determine response to event permit.

Other Agenda items put off until tomorrow due to rain and cold and lateness.

Last-Minute Announcements

– March in DC tomorrow re: keystone XL pipeline
– Want to form camera crew to capture lots of stuff, and should be on the emergency “text me” list
– Western Service Workers Association having class tomorrow on role of media in manipulating events of social and political movements. Has
classesevery Sunday 4-6.
– Facilitator training at 11am tomorrow.
– Dec. 1st Legal support benefit + dinner for a person charged with sleeping.