GA November 2, 2011

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While occupiers in Santa Cruz carried on our good work, grappling with some hard questions at GA, many thousands of brothers and sisters up in Oakland successfully shut down one of the country’s largest ports of trade.

Working Group Reports

– There was a communication with Chief of Police Kevin Vogel, and it
was understood that there would be a 3 to 4 day grace period for the
San Lorenzo encampment. After this grace period there will be police

– There was a small disturbance this morning, it was resolved.

– Thursday Nov. 3rd @ 4:30p.m – Rehearsal for street theater
“tour” of the banks.
– Friday Nov. 4rd – @ 4:30p.m. – Meet at Chase Bank on 41st
– Saturday Nov. 5th – Move your money day

– No report.

– Working on geodesic dome, that was approved by the G.A. on Nov.

Mission Statement
– The mission statement is complete and posted on OSC website.

– No report.

– The media was present at OSC, interviews were conducted.

– Working on putting together tear gas and pepper spray kits. There
is informational material located at the info booth regarding pepper
spray and tear gas preparedness.

– There was a generous donation today of $500!

There will be dinner after the G.A.
Shout out to India Joe for helping out with food.

Art & Music
– An artist who would like to play for an OSC event dropped off a CD,
however we need a CD player to listen to it, if anyone has one to
donate please see info table.
– A week from saturday there will be an artist playing.

– The information table has been reorganized, there are lots of
different types of literature available.

Agenda Items

Proposal on Police threat

Proposal: We agree to defend Camp and resist police intervention

We cant forget the police are also part of the 99%
We need passive resistance training

Proposal: Extend time of discussion – consensus reached

We’ve nothing to lose, lets stick it out
Should we split and occupy multiple locations?
Clock tower would be a good location
we need to establish phone tree
The term “non-occupiers” is incoherent and segregating, we are the
The police will come at night, and they will tear down tents

Straw poll conducted, almost consensus.

Thumbs down explained and Discussion:
Lack of teamwork and commitment at camp
We need more planning before we commit to defending camp
Is there a contingency plan?
The courthouse steps will remain, as it is only the San Lorenzo park
encampment that is in question.
If we stand we must be united.
If we stand then we will be united.
We have no attorney representation.
Security in camp is deplorable
Gentlemen from Occupy L.A. expressed that they were experiencing the
same issues, the way they dealt with it was to split the G.A. into
those that would stay at the camp and defend and those that would not,
and work with both so that everyone has a way to help the camp.

Proposal: The camp will be defended, and will not move under police

Consensus reached.

Emergency Meeting at Camp

Proposal: To have a meeting at the camp after G.A. regarding police
threat and plan.


– Mercury News reported 4000 people at the Oakland ports. The ports
were shut down.
– 6 senators introduced a bill to overturn citizens united.
– It is rumored that CEOs and Executives are to meet in Napa valley.
Occupy SF and – Oakland are meeting in Davis to discuss picketing
– The march today was awesome
– Occupy Cabrillo meeting Thursday in the ampitheater at 12-2:30
– Occupy UCSC Nov 9. Rally at campus and march down to clock to meet
– Occupy San Jose rescue mission, Sunday 9:00am, will be bringing
supplies and knowledge to help out.