GA December 4 & Community Discussion about #75river

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Inspirational Minute- a poem by Pablo Neruda

News pertinent to occupation

1. Dome Dismantle:

6am the SC sheriff dept. showed up at the occupation on the court house steps. The cops told everyone there that they had 3 or 4 minutes to gather all of their belongings. Then they dismantled everything that hadn’t been taken away by protesters and took it away. Some belongings are in a storage container at their station and will be released at some point later in the week. There were no acts of aggression. 60 cops were in riot gear, 5 were not, there were 15 protesters at the dome at the time.

Working group reportbacks

1. Camp:

Attitude is good. The lookouts alerted people in the correct spots. About 1/3 to ½ of the camp came up to save the dome. 2 months ago this never would have happened, but because of the G. A.s we’re becoming a family

2. Medical:

A member of the medical team has been issued an eviction notice on his home for giving an interview at 75 river st. This will be his 3rd strike if convicted, meaning a life sentence. He wanted it known how proud of the medical team he was when they were put together, and how proud he was when they stepped down as well. There were choices made and decisions not unilateral, but in the end everyone stuck together.This is a team that will not let you down, and has saved 3 people from overdosing already.

3. Legal:

The legal team is trying to protect everyone involved in 75 river as best that they can, even though the G.A. Was not supportive of the action. They’ve filed papers to the federal court and have a date set for Jan 3rd.

It was voted that a break would be taken here in order to honor the 2:30 community dialog about 75 River St. that had been voted upon at the last G.A. For the ease of reading, the dialog will follow at the end of the report backs. 

4. Outreach:

There had been a discussion going on about a labor rally for the 18th of December. It’s been suspended until word is heard back from the unions about what their feelings are.

5. Sanitation:

Looking for people to come by with a pickup truck to take out the trash. The porta potties need to be cleaned up and more trash bags are needed.

6. Tactics:

During the holiday season there will be “radical caroling” going on.

7. Treasury:

$328 in the We Pay Account and $80 were donated for Porta Potty upkeep

8. Facilitation

There are training programs being developed for 11am Sundays

9. Strategy:

Meetings Sunday at noon on West side steps. Talking about what are the goals, or demands, etc.

10. Education:

Working group to work with K-12 aged children to teach them about the Occupy movement.

11. Intercommunication:

Talking to other occupations around the nation. There is a national conference call happening at 1 on the 5th of December.

12. City Liaison:

The city put people’s confiscated belongings in a storage pod, they will be available for retrieval later in the week. There is a meeting at 12 Tuesday with Craig in the atrium and at 3:30 with Don on the courthouse steps. What other groups should the liaison group be talking to besides the city and county?

13. Foreclosure:

Meeting at 5 Monday. There’s a lot of support around the country. And a website:

14. Food:

Food first, based in SF helping. Last night the Women for International Peace and Freedom had an event, all of their extra food was given to Occupy. Occupy the food system, who controls the food in the USA?

15. Key holders (sub group of media)

Occupy may not have access to all media outlets, such as twitter, should people get arrested so there needs to be multiple people with access. The G.A. should decide on who has the passwords. There should be a statement on the website to encourage an active dialog, but discourage abusive language, and a protocol needs to be formed for having people get back to using less abusive language if they do.

16. Direct Action:

There’s a meeting after the G.A. On the 5th.

17: Occupy Cabrillo:

Shared working group formed between OSC and Occupy Cabrillo

Urgent Announcements

Socks are very badly needed! People have wet feet and no new socks. Please contribute any socks to occupy, even if they’re single socks, they will be made into pairs.

Discussion on 75river

2:30 Santa Cruz Community dialog about the merits and demerits about 75river, various people’s views of the action:

It was possible, though not consensed upon. Felt that the community was supportive and didn’t get divided.

A man who had been sleeping outside of the building for the last 3 years came to the door and was offered food and warmth. It changed reality.

We’re gong to fall down, but if we can keep focus, it’s going to keep us moving forward.

At the end of the day, we won that day. Both politically, media, and community wise. You don’t win a war in one day, you win it one battle at a time.

It’s clearly abandoned, there should be a petition to take it by eminent domain. That proposal should be taken to the city and federal court so that the land can be used for protest.

75 was a great idea, the place was not being used, it is owned by a bank, you could go and do things that couldn’t be done in the limited space of the dome. It was illegal, but more importantly, it attacks the illegitimacy of the system.

People received healing in the space, bonded with people there. It was an autonomous act and the space was used as it was met to be used.

You can’t commit an act of violence on something without feelings or emotions. The bank is one drop compared to the violence of capitalism.

Hope for more buildings uncomfortable, it was was misrepresented in the media, there was news of 2 factions inside of the bank. Some people trying to light fires and break glass the second that they were inside. Only recognized 2 people inside the bank. It wasn’t an occupy event, but did people at occupy know what was going on at 75? struggling not to be pissed at the bank group or to play the blame game. The bank represents impatience. It was a very divisive week, a lot of people are going through a hard week.

The dome was taken down because it was a lodging structure according to a lieutenant.

The Occupy movement is more mature than 40 years ago. You have to respect people who act autonomously. They’re prepared to take responsibility. We’ve lost some ground, or are at risk of loosing it, because some groups are nervous about working with the occupy movement now. There needs to be a reaffirmation to nonviolence, and consensus based community. We need to be able to sustain and strengthen ourselves, and meet with unions and banks. We’re here to stay.

Don’t worry about what other groups have to say. Groups should be coming to us, we shouldn’t be going to them. This was not the 1st building occupied by the movement, there were 5 more before this and tons of homes.

The movement needs to move faster. The action let you see what it would be like to be inside a building.

Regardless of what happened at 75 River, we’re a family. It’s not the time to criticize, it time to find a resolution. It’s time to show the community that these centers are needed, it’s time to stand up together as one loud strong voice. We showed everyone what was wrong, now we need others to help us fix what is wrong. We need to move forward and forgive so we can learn from 75 River st. we showed the community and cops that we’re unpredictable, we can show the community what we’re all about.

It’s unfortunate that the unions and cities have withdrawn support, but they didn’t have to. It’s easy to blame 75 River, but if it’s that easy to remove support, then it wasn’t real support. It was them tolerating us. Some mistakes were made and the action may not have been totally thought out. Private property is not a holy thing, this space was to provide for the people.

Seeing all of your belongings dragged out by the sheriff from your foreclosed house is terrible. It’s a travesty that there is an empty building with people sleeping outside in the cold. The bank was not enough of a community center, there needs to be more community feeling too, not just teens and hippies hanging out.

There was a solidarity statement from OWS.

A diversity of tactics is needed. Students are getting more involved and talking to OSC. People are evolving together. This camp couldn’t have existed a year ago. The occupy movement also involves things like port shutdowns. Take everything back, it’s already ours. The cops took down the dome because they’ve been wanting to do it this whole time.

Having a rented space is not an occupy space. An occupy space is one that’s already ours, not one for someone to profit from occupy.

We learned that we could take property back. We’re showing that we can defend people’s houses that banks want to take back with the same zeal.

Is our criteria for what’s legal or illegal based on their laws? The Sentinel’s articles are smear campaigns. Occupy needs to raise awareness themselves.

People are trying to hijack the movement and turn it into a political party. You can only do so much in marches. Philosophical conversations need to happen. If you think that what we did was not successful, then this conversation proves that it was.

Tuesday the 6th there is a movement to occupy foreclosed homes. We can find out what houses are being foreclosed on in the courthouse, or look on where people have put up that they would like people to come and support them by occupying their homes.

People behind 75 River had honest integrity, no matter how much the media and cops are trying to create a divide, we have to maintain Occupy Santa Cruz.

We can have the camp around the corner still, but we need to maintain a presence on the court house steps. We’re back to step one. It’s no one’s fault. We were not prepared for them to come and take down the dome. People got mislead that the city was trying to work with us to let us stay on the steps. All we can do is be patient and re-build. It doesn’t make sense to relocate. We have to figure out what we’re going to do with the space and maintain our agenda. We are the people of this country, we’re supposed to be calling the shots, but for too long America has been letting the few run the show. They have been doing that because we’re letting them.

We all believe that we’re a family. The cops took material things. We’ve lost our material things when they took our homes, but we can move forwards.


1. Nobody should claim any of their belongings when the sheriff lets us this week. They’re trying to composite a list of who is a conspirator about 75 River.

The proposal didn’t pass, it was decided that it would be an autonomous action to pick up your things if you want to or not.

2. GA should endorse autonomous action by people wanting to take direct action on foreclosed homes with family permission on December 6th.

The proposal unanimously passed.

3. IHSS brought a letter to be endorsed by OSC. It’s being tabled until Monday’s G.A.

4. A Garden is be anonymously built in the fenced in area around the courthouse. There is a 3 to 4 year waiting list for a community garden.


647e violators have a benefit going on at India Joze.

On 12/12/11 ports are being shut down all along the West coast.

People are doing a hunger strike on Wall Street, it’s been going on for 2 days already.

Carpool groups should be put together to get people to Oakland for the 12th next week, all week, is occupy congress week.

There is a GA at UCSC at 7 on Monday in Kresge 159.

News crews, please do not record audio, we are not a nuisance, we are providing services

There is an national conference call at 1.

A new park was built in Santa Cruz, community members built it across from Subrosa.

There should be a discussion tomorrow about the legality of structures, set up new ones. The orange fences put up should become a new monument to occupy to be covered with all of our signs and banners.

Intercommunication is meeting tomorrow at 1.