Fundraiser for Linda Lemaster

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Linda Lemaster, longtime advocate and writer faces up to six months in jail for falling asleep once in Santa Cruz during a peaceful demonstration against inhumane laws.

Sheriff’s and the DA used a little-utilized provision of the State Code which outlaws illegal “lodging.” Lodging is not defined in the code anywhere, and was used to break up an otherwise legal protest on the steps of the courthouse in 2010. While Linda Lemaster was not homeless on the date of her citation (Aug 10 2010), she had opted to stay atop the steps that night to watch over Christopher Doyon, who was ill with pneumonia. While she tried to stay awake, around 4:30AM she dropped off, only to be cited for illegal lodging. On November 9th, a jury convicted her. She faces up to SIX MONTHS in JAIL for one act of involuntary sleeping which the DA described as “illegal lodging.”

On Sunday, Dec 2nd, beginning at 3:30PM, India Joze Restaurant and master chef, Joseph Schultz will prepare an exotic feast for all attendees. Attorneys Jonathan Gettleman, Kate Wells, and David Beauvais will speak about their experiences fighting a series of anti-homeless laws against sleeping, loitering, and quality of life laws.  Linda Lemaster will also read one of her poems.

Steve Pleich will serve as Master of Ceremonies


Suggested donation is $15 per person.

Even is sponsored in part by HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom and by the Santa Cruz Eleven

Please contact Steve Pleich  or Becky Johnson  for more information,

or leave  a message on the HUFF line at 831 423-HUFF