Food/Kitchen Supplies Needed for Occupation

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We need any and all food, beverage, and kitchen supplies to keep folks lively and warm at the park.  Bring what you’ve got, it’ll be much appreciated!
Here are some ideas from the folks at Occupy Portland:
  • coffee cambro
  • chafing pan fuel*
  • chafing pans*
  • table (sturdy folding-non permanent)
  • new-”bar-rags”
  • large water proof tubs for storage
  • everyone to bring a “messkit” for self and friend (mug/bowl/utensils)
  • non perishable snacks
  • shelf stable milk alternatives (rice/nut)
  • dried fruit
  • granola
  • aprons
  • food donations from local restaraunts
  • Vegetarian and vegan easy meals and snacks.
  • Hotel Pans/lids
  • serving utensils
  • non-latex gloves
  • tomato sauce
  • pasta
  • granola bars/snacks
  • tortillas
  • beans
  • rice
  • Coffee
  • potable water
  • 55 gallon food-grade barrels for storage
  • Igloo water coolers for Hydration Stations
  • propane stoves
  • propane tanks