Food Not Bombs Joins Santa Cruz Pride Parade

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Volunteer Meeting Today at 5:30pm

Please join us this Tuesday, June 3rd, at 5:30pm at The Little Red Church at 532 Center Street downtown Santa Cruz in one of the little rooms.

We have changed the meetings to the first and third Tuesdays so people can have more free time!

We still need a lot more volunteers, otherwise we still may have to cancel our Sunday meal. We don’t want our current cooks, veggie cutters and servers to get burned out!!!! Please call us 831-515-8234 for directions to the kitchens!

Special Highlights during the last few weeks
Saturday, the 24th, we shared food with 107 people! It was a beautiful community event. It was Food Not Bombs 34th year Birthday! And across the street was the Monsanto Protest so we had extra visitors, as well as The Raging Grannies gave us a visit and sang Happy Birthday to us! It was a miniature Christmas!

Then this past Saturday, June 1st, Food Not Bombs marched in the Gay Pride Day, as you can see in the picture above! Last minute someone offered us their booth so some were cooking for the meal, others were meeting new potential volunteers. It was a blast to be part of Gay Pride Day!!!

Saturday, May 24th – shared food with 107 people
Sunday, May 25th – shared food with 62 people
Saturday, May 31st – shared food with 81 people
Sunday, June 1st – shared food with 72 people

New news! You can get your community service hours with Food Not Bombs.

PLEASE come on Saturday and Sunday to help cook, serve and/or cleanup! If you would like to volunteer but can’t make our meeting on Tuesday, you can still volunteer on Saturday and/or Sunday! Please email us at info@santacruzfoodnotbombs or call us at 831-515-8234 for more details!

Come join our effort to dispel the myth of scarcity and greed – come help us share food with our community!