Food Justice Notes for Tue 29May2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Nicole. -GX]]

Food Justice Coalition meets every Tuesday at 10:30 AM at SubRosa,703 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA. Social time starts at 10AM; formal meeting starts 10:30AM. For more information contact KC or Roxanne or


Review of Mission Statement ideas:

*make organic food ubiquitous

*do education about food choices

*make available organic food to low income communities-

*transition shift from ornamental gardens to edible gardens

*healthy food access


Ideas for coalition building

*creating numbers through email lists, Facebook, individual relationships, organizations

*create an awareness that the group has a Facebook and include regular meeting time/location

Report backs

*Wiser Together: good event that brought together different generations of people working on similar issues around food, opportunities for bettering relations between the generations.

*Winona La Duke speaking engagement in SF: integrated food justice with the topics of colonialism and traditional food systems, very inspiring

*Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Upcoming Events

*Spring into Summer Showcase, held by the Center for Conscious Living on Felt St. this Saturday. Benefit for the Community Alliance of  Family Farmers

-proposal for the Food Justice Coalition to have a table

-decision made to have a table with several members volunteering to staff

-ideas for table include: seed ball demo, laptop survey, signs, raffle, give away table, handout/mission statement, sign-ups


*Facebook posts

*proposal for a google groups list for communication within organizing group

*word coalition is important to include because part of our vision is coordinating many entities to be part of this project

Other business

*inspiring project to reference is the Victory Garden Initiative

*idea of organizing a garden blitz

*continue to think about the possibilities for tabling at India Joze