First General Assembly Decides to Occupy San Lorenzo Park

October 5, 2011 admin General Assembly,UncategorizedComments Off

The first General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz met on the evening of October 4th at Laurel Park. Over 200 people were in attendance, and 300 watched a live video stream of the meeting. All were invited to comment and propose further action, as facilitated by several volunteers.

This was a rousing meeting, and I won’t attempt a full recap. In the end it was decided by consensus to reconvene at San Lorenzo Park at 10am on October 6 for an occupation of the park and the adjoining courthouse. Several working groups were voluntarily established to handle various aspects of organizing the occupation. A second general assembly will be held at 6pm at the park, where further goals and actions will be discussed.

First General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz, Photo by Brad Kava