Engage Community Compassion Campaign

September 5, 2012 admin Working Group NotesComments Off

OCCUPY SANTA CRUZ has decided to begin a campaign to begin addressing the illegality of homelessness in Santa Cruz.

Among some of the steps in the future, we’ll be filing an Injunction to try to get the City to stop trashing personal property.
We’ll be talking about gathering complaints for a Class Action Law Suit of folks who’ve had their stuff confiscated and trashed
while they camped.  Eventually we’ll be petitioning the City and County to have them relax enforcement of these terrible laws.
Then out there in the future, we’ll be co-creating a sanctuary camp and eventually a complete removal of these laws all together.
This all will take our collective effort.  Sure there are national issues that need to be addressed but to ignore the lawlessness
and lack of human dignity that is happening in our own backyard is compassionless.  We’ve decided to do something about it.
Our first step is to respond immediately to the +300 camping citations issued in the past 2 months and the nearly 150 camps destroyed.
We’re hosting a Candlelight Tent Vigil and inviting the community to join us.  This will take a concerted effort and I ask that all in the
OSC media group to help with this.
We need fliers/posters distributed throughout the area.  Please post the event to your facebook wall and to your other groups.
Please come to the event and bring your friends.
This is a community response to show our sadness and outrage at what the city has been doing.
Here are a few links including the event postings, fliers and posters.