December 8 General Assembly Notes

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Today’s meeting started on time, in spite of attack on the lower camp. Which by the way, was mostly asleep despite reports to the contrary by the various Police Departments.

In national news there’s bad news in Boston.The courts in Boston have ordered that ALL camps in the city MUST be evacuated by midnight or face the same police action that OCS was subjected to this morning.

In other news,the Supreme Court ordered that it is legal to photograph Police, despite the nature of whatever action they may be involved in.

In local news, a combination of several local Police departments raided the lower camp at about 7:30 A.M.. In spite of reports to the contrary, the Officers were dressed in full riot gear,including HIGH POWERED PEPPER SPRAY GUNS,known as the SUPER SOAKER. No shots were fired,but we lost 6 of our Brothers and Sisters,including Gabriella,Alfonso,Patrick Amanda,Christina, and one woman who refused to give her name. We also had one member of this movement who was briefly detained and then released.

Working Groups

Legal reported that after having lost our case for an extention of the eviction order, research revealed that there is a case that gives grounds for the order of the denial of our petition, and legal is considering our next move.

In the foreclosure report it was noted that it may have some good news that will require further information before being brought back for discussion.

Proposals brought tonight included a Community Candle lite Sing-a-long / fundraiser to be held on December 17th, from 4-6 P.M., a break for G.A. then continue 8-midnight. The proposal passed and we’ll be trying to recruit some local choirs to participate.

There was some discussion regarding meeting areas for our winter G.A. meetings in bad weather. The subject was tabled for further discussion.

Some info on the people arrested today for those of us that are wondering what we can do beyond trying to raise bail: Should it take time to secure their release, they will need donations so that they will be able meet their personal needs while inside. For those interested,you can go to at the Sheriffs Dept. and purchase care packages, a much better way than just putting money on their books at the jail. Allison Cole, a local attorney who has taken several of the cases on a Pro Bono basis has said that in the immediate future, we can help most by showing up in numbers to the arraignment, starting at 8:30A.M . Please be prepared to stay until the cases are called.