December 7th General Assembly Notes

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*Urgent Announcements / Events / Groups Introduced*

Media asked to identify themselves:
Santa Cruz Patch
Culture Change
Free Radio Santa Cruz
Indy Bay
Cabrillo Voice
Santa Cruz Sentinel (not self-identified, pointed out)

Gloves and trash bags provided for the immediate clean up of the camp area of the Occupy Santa Cruz protest, tonight and in morning. An on
going effort with which anyone is invited to please help.

We had a hearing at 1:30 PM today – the Judge did not decide in our favor to stop the eviction / “evacuation” of the OSC camp at deadline
of 5 PM on Dec. 7th. Some campers still in camping area of OSC as of the night time as well as a team of activist observers.

*Key Local / National Occupy News*

Yesterday the national Stop Foreclosures chain protest had many successful instances of people engaging/ occupying properties that
were being foreclosed on or have already been foreclosed on. I saw that both Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz had good shows on this.

Ports will be CLOSED on 12/12 for a West Coast Shut Down of the Ports from Anchorage to the end of Cali! The people of Berkley would like
our help with this – there has been Union support pledged in solidarity.

Occupy SF faced attack/ eviction – they are also exploring other routes of legal (etc.) to keep their tents out. Occupy Portland sends
their love and support out.

The Occupy DC people have also been facing attacks from police today.

Question about New Orleans.

*Working Group Reports*

Only reports from groups for the day are from:

Sanitation: I am calling the sanitation company to have them take away the three porta- bathrooms we have here now given the events. (People
leaving main camp area because of the police “evacuation” notice.) We need help with the pick up in SL Park. Reports of some outside
homeless people coming into camp and tearing open garbage bags to make police mad. Thanks a lot – now we have to clean it up.

Food: Great Sandwiches!

Inreach: We talked about the ramifications of our case not being decided favorably in court today. Some people are in favor of moving
from the City property that currently houses the main camping area to the County Property of the Courthouse steps that is very close by.
(Right across a bike path towards Courthouse.)

Location: Later talks about perhaps finding indoor space or moving to various said locales.

*Agenda Items*
What about the ongoing eviction?
Discussions on changing our General A.’s to only three days a week and increase small group interaction instead
Mobile GA? (Text alert / flash mob style)
Website moderation/ Editing

What to do about the ongoing eviction?

1) Rally at 12 noon tomorrow at office of: Dannettee Shoemaker,
Director of Parks and Recreation
Location: 323 Church Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 831-420-5270 Fax: 831-420-5271

2) I love SC, love that I have a Constitution and a right to speak my mind and be here. I matter and I have a heart – you can’t buy me –
can’t tell me what to do. Together we can make a difference. I don’t want to be looked at as a problem anymore.

3) I love this too but there are not enough able bodies here to stop an eviction. If you can, spread the word to everyone you know to come
down here and support us. We do not want to be violent. For them to tell us that we have no right to be here is to call us slaves, and I
am not a slave.

4) Is there any record of the actions that were approved by the GA last night? Yes:
*Barrier of peace flags to be put up around camp
*People should be instituting a Buddy system to avoid harassment/ arrest. Linking arms?
*$100 in sign making materials for spirit and message of the camp.
Also art! :P
*We had a Camp Meeting at 2:00 PM
Comments on this: Most campers are not into linking arms and we don’t have enough people for that. Immediate action to put up the prayer
flags around the Redwood trees surrounding the Courtside of the camp area.

5) I support the camp ground here. For two decades I have worked with and supported the homeless/ houseless in this area. I think the new
relationship between the activists and the homeless (sometimes one and the same) is very important. We should work on maintaining that
community bond that we have all formed here. I fear that if we split up and go indoors so to speak, we will be cutting off an important
part of our group, and I fear that the homeless would no longer matter to some.

6) Text system for emergencies explained and people added to the existing list. People also encouraged to go on social media / twitter
to help contact others who do not have text. (Also non-electronic measures would help.)

*Proposal: Reduce the Number of General Assemblies to three times, perhaps Wed/ Sat/ Sun*
Purpose to give more time to small working groups and to give back time of some of the members who are working too hard and have other
things to do but do not want to miss key decisions or discussions.

1) I would like to thank her for bringing this up. There is a need for this. We can use time daily but in small groups and not have daily
GAs. Some of us are putting in 2, 4, 6, even 12 hours of work a day for this and it is getting exhausting. There are examples such as
Occupy Stockton that have an effective weekly GA. I support the idea.

2) I am so tired after the GA that I don’t have any energy to go to meetings after it. These groups take time and energy.

3) This may be good but I do not feel that this is our own action but due to a little preemption. It is tempting to go indoors so to speak.

4) I support this – I sometimes feel like I only have a “OccuLife” now.

5) I am very skeptical of this proposal. I feel like is is going to divide us. These small groups make us de-centralized and encourage
more cliques than there already are. The GA’s give us the ability to make open group decisions.

6) Office space makes me even more skeptical. Go “indoors” – to do so is the opposite of what we are about.

7) I am nervous about small groups – I think we should have a daily GA. Maybe it goes on because ya’ll are talking too much. :)
(Notetakers note: my hand agrees :) )

8 ) I approve although I would suggest a change of the dates maybe to Tu/ Th / Sun.

9) This model of the GA was designed for small groups to bring ideas that have been hashed out to the GA for discussions. I think the day
change of Tu/ Th would be good.

10) I am apprehensive. Each night GA does work – it considers decisions and agrees on actions. We need to reorganize these small
groups right now anyhow due to the emergency circumstances surrounding the evacuation warning and the protest/ table curfew of 7 AM to 7 PM.
There is a pressing need right now for us to hold daily GAs like this – at least till the end of the week, if not permanently.

11) We could have two different kinds of GAs? We are restructuring. Anyone can act autonomously to meet in a small group anyhow. We don’t
need everything brought to the GA. We need ideas to be tight and then brought to the GA.

Discussion on change of date. Straw poll taken to mixed results.
Then people are asked to vote on if they would even like to do this now.
No consensus, Tabled.

*Move the GA to the Clock-tower*
Purpose: Alternate location to Courthouse which is an established place for holding protests.

1) I have been there with groups and the planters block a lot of space as well as there being no available seating there. It is loud there as

2) We held meetings there before in the 80′s – it is cold, windy, loud and it has no seats. This spot is just fine. We are doing well here
and we are meeting here to assert our rights.

3) At Louden – Nelson center suggested. It would be warm and out of the rain but we would have to pay a fee. (Looked up, money would go
directly to Parks and Rec Dept.)

4) I am more skeptical of this. Occupying means to be here. The homeless and community at large have come together here and
intersected because we have been Occupying. We are healing the economic divisions.

5) I like these steps. I like that we can look after the campers here.

6) I agree with going to the Clock-tower. It is limiting just being in one place. Lets keep OSC strong.

7) Maybe some short meetings at the CT.

8) The Courthouse is not a place that is high demand, unlike the CT, which is used by many other community groups. I am against paying for
a space.

Vote: No Consensus

*Mobile “Mob” GAs*
Vote: No Consensus

*A Media Sub Committee / “Keyholders” group to Edit/ or Control spam, trolling (you decide)

Vote: People felt very uncomfortable with the proposal and it was suggested it go back to a working group. Suggestion to modify proposal
Only to Trolling/ spamming activities. Example given was a supposed 88 abusive posts by one individual who does not even support OSC. Another
given of a GA member’s personal home addy published on the OSC site.

*New Discussion: Stoppage of Abusive activities on official OSC media

1) I think this should be brought to a working group to be perfected.

2) We have a responsibility to protect our rights to free speech by being responsible and not having bad things on our site.

3) Many other sites have problems like this and just hide the comments instead of deleting them.

4) The right wing trolls from the Sentinel have come into OSC media now because they are bored. I have hidden comments from our FB as an
admin (1 of 12) because of how horrible it is.

5) I am worried about what is deemed abuse and by whom.

6) I fear the deletion of my voice more than I fear the trolls. Who decides what is deleted?

*Back Up Camp Location*

Discussed, not in notes due to police presence. Many people have left to various locations and some plan on going to other OccuPIES. General
support for keeping our GA presence on the Courthouse steps.

*Clean Up Effort*

Mass effort to clean up after homeless in camp. Meeting after GA to discuss dump run and clean up.

*Future topic for GA: Ride-sharing / Organization for the 12/12 Port Shut Down.*

General / End Announcements

1) Text tree
2) New group to prosecute or lobby officials into positive action.
3) Meeting after GA to test support for helping any campers staying here tonight.
4) Press Release of Event 12 noon as mention before.