December 11th General Assembly

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Urgent announcements:
• Security guards currently abound around the building.
• Occupiers just congregating on the campside steps for this GA were asked to leave, guards suggesting we stay out of the park and off those steps.
• Discussion about which steps to meet on today, per customary practice on Sundays of meeting on the campside steps. This item was moved to urgent agenda discussion.
• City council (5 pm) and county supervisors (9 am) meetings Tuesday to discuss foreclosure letter.
• Individual call for help with his foreclosure. Auction date: Dec 18.

Urgent agenda item: where to hold today’s GA.
• The campside steps were for camp recognition. Water street has more visibility.
• Let’s officially move Sunday’s GA back to Water St. as there is no more camp.
• Let’s establish our right to be there.
• No consensus to extend discussion.
• No consensus on proposal to occupy the campside steps immediately for 10 minutes.

Inspirational moment by Phil (Robert Frost poem) and Roxanne (4 core agreements, Unitarian document).

News of interest
• Call to Occupy Oakland and shut down the ports (west coast tomorrow). Rally times at the West Oakland Bart, 5:30 am and 3 and 5 pm. This was moved to an agenda item.

Point of Process raised re: Sunday’s planned 2:30 Community Conversations, to suspend GA for 4 Sundays (this is number 2) and invite community conversation on 75River, other direct action, and the need for community space. GA suspended for discussion.
• Call for direct action. “Let’s do something!”
• Actions like 75River dramatize issues (like people losing their homes)
• Discussions with city convince speaker that we will not be able to hold ground that’s not ours.
• Apparently there’s no such thing as public property. It’s all private.
• Member said she is being harassed (since being the police liaison at 75River and being tossed in jail for being in the park on Thursday morning) and is scared.
• Keeping the 24-hour occupation is vital to the protest.
• Dec 17, OWS has called for a re-occupation across the country.
• When the history is written about what’s happening now, “do we want to be remembered for 75River or do want to be remembered for some doofus in the back 40 who couldn’t handle his heroin?”
• The point of the protest is asserting our right to assemble.
• Occupation is about taking space and holding it.
• They stayed too long at 75River.
• Garden group Tuesday at 3:30 (somewhere around the corner)
• Autonomous efforts should not be launched from the occupation.
• Need to discuss what violence really means (against people and/or against property)
• Re: direct action. Gov’t officials waste our time with meetings.
• Shutting down ports hits them where their power is – in the money.
Community discussion closed. GA resumed.

Working Group Reports
• Street Theater: There will be a Holiday Season on Pacific Ave. Get involved, stay tuned.
• Legal: Try the Public Defenders and the National Lawyers’ Guild. On Tuesday (1:30) city council will discuss injunctions against OSC and against Steve.; also 5pm Tuesday is city council meeting.
• Point of information: Phillip Crawford’s phone number (National Lawyers’ Guild) 831-373-3327. This number may not work from jail. Alison Cole (621-0661), other Guild contact, is probably overwhelmed.
• Medical: lacking supplies; appeal made for donations for port action tomorrow. Hat was passed, $67+ raised.
• Media: autonomously flushing trolls from our website and Facebook; approval from crowd
• Strategy Working Group: we need demands/goals for Occupy.
• Outreach: “awesome talk” at Universal Fellowship. Much support there. Suggested by them to reach out more to the faith-based community. While at Oakland for port action, should seek their support to re-occupy SC.
• Food: Donations welcome and still coming
• Intercommunication: Isaac is still here!
• Infrastructure: new lighting system by bike to illuminate GAs.

Agenda items:
1. Moving forward: what’s the best way to deliver our message?
• Don’t get stuck on what we had (camp, 75River).
• Let’s think smart & do something around foreclosures & help win some hearts and minds.
2. Advocate a concrete proposal of root and branch change in the political process.
• As a movement, we have to give ideas about how to engage the public.
• We are getting our message out & we are having an impact.
• We don’t need to be co-opted by politics
3. Moving location of Saturday and Sunday GAs back to Water St steps.
Consensus passed.
4. 90% consensus process; this works and will continue.
5. West Coast Port Action – this was moved to the end of agenda where it was taken off agenda for after the GA for those wishing to stay and make arrangements for tomorrow
6. Stop the 2:30 Sunday Community Discussion; consensus to move this on Sunday to 1 pm.
7. Proposal to adopt the St Paul Principles
• Threatened block.
• Basically street code: cover each others’ back and don’t snitch on others
• We don’t need it.
• Did not pass consensus.

General announcements
• Member requests that no one talk to the media or police about other members.
• Surf City Sound Plus radio station online. Playing occupy music.
• Dec 17 is Bradley Manning Day. Check out activities at
• See occupy arrests at
• Also a nightly national occupy discussion at
• Over 100 surviving occupies nationwide!
• Community sign along next Sat until midnight