December 10th General Assembly

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-consensus review
-occupy Wall St is now a television show
-46 arrested in Boston
-2 NYU classes on occupy

-Inspirational minute
-“The family that fights together, stays together”
-”nothing changes, if nothing changes”
-”let’s be one and get stuff done”

-Federal court relief – work in progress, regulations of Water Street are unconstitutional

-consensus that each working group needs to elect a person to report at each GA
-Need training? Ask Craig – step up!

-recovered our box! Oakland on Monday – go bags. We need supplies.. 4×4′s, gauze, masks, gloves, etc.

-Food Thank You Western Service Workers!

-City Council
-individual meetings
-work on resolution for city council solidarity
-parking restrictions unjust
-city manager moved on decision to clear camp
-Don Lane is going to be mayor on Tuesday so our communication with him should now be in writing
-Monday 5pm Public Safety Committee meeting at City Hall
-Tuesday 9am County Supervisors
5pm Oral Communications with City Council

-Street Theatre
-planning x-mas radical caroling

-Transition Santa Cruz
-Gail – Unitarian fellowship tomorrow @ 10am to hear truths about movement and what is needed for support
-candle vigil – sing-a-long

-Connections for service providers fair?

-noon Sunday meetings
-we need more dialogue @ 2:30 Sunday GA’s for the next 3 weeks will be addressing the contentions of River St Actions

-working on resolution with city and county
-there have been a few people interested in working with OSC who are in the process of foreclosure
-being foreclosed? Contact OSC

-huge overhang, sheltered from wing
-not open during GA hrs, fed property
-rain is coming – support!
-you’ll do federal time if there are crimes
-we have legal right to be there
-we have established ourselves on property
-did NOT pass!

Seek Indoor Space
-concerted efforts!

Radical Christmas Caroling
-Time sensitive, problem
-not getting much done
-radical christmas caroling/ karaoke
-we have generator with a truck
-tea lights

Change GA’s to 3-4 times a week
-would meet everyday, but move decision-making GA to Tu, Th, Sun. The other days would be time to make announcements and working group reports in order to have more time for working group meetings. Urgent decisions could still be made at daily meetings
-put us at risk for lack of attendance

Oakland Carpool & Banner
-contact Casey
-Facebook group, text tree

Legal Support for direct action for those arrested/ticketed
-misdemeanor – need supporters
-Robert Norse is compiling list of those ticketed 8:15 am – courthouse – Monday dept. 1 or 2 arraignment of those
arrested during camp takedown on Thursday
-charges dropped for some?
For help, call Alison Cole #621-0661
or Phil Crawford #373-3327
next week court date for 647 E violators

St. Paul’s Principles – RNC
1. Our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and the plans of other groups
2. The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of time and our space
3. Any debates or criticisms will stay internal to the movement avoiding any public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events
4. We oppose only state repression of ourselves, including surveillance, infiltration,disruption, and violence. We are not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others
– Tabled

-facilitator training @ 11am Sunday
-lost keys in San Lorenzo Park
-Someone is being foreclosed upon
-Strategy – Noon w/Tom
-Service Provider Fair – contact
-Subrosa 5-6:30 pm anarchy
-Carpool coordination contact Casey
-Next 5 at community vigil/songs/candles – call 831-421-2843