County Supervisors Listen To Foreclosure Concerns

March 7, 2012 admin Working Group NotesComments Off

[March 6, 2012 by Joy Hinz]

We had another great showing at the Santa Cruz County
Board of Supervisors meeting this morning! Thanks to all who
came & particularly to those who spoke. Our speakers were very
clear, persuasive, and passionate – it was obvious that the Supervisors
were moved, particularly by Ken’s story.

By the time the item came up on the regular agenda at 12:30pm there
were only 3 people left in the room. Another man spoke and gave some
good background and suggestions to the Supervisors. Then Joy spoke &
made some specific recommendations regarding Ken’s situation. The
Supervisors seemed very attentive and “friendly” to what we were
saying. When Joy finished speaking, they voted unanimously to go
forward with the investigation on foreclosures – the results will be
reported back on April 10 (so put that date on your calendar).

We also invited the Supervisors to come to the march and speak. Then Sup.
Leopold spoke about the research he has been doing to try to find an
angle that the county can take to protect homeowners. And he said
that he will present a resolution of support at their next meeting,
March 20. So, get that date on your calendar too folks – looks
like we will be attending a lot of Supervisors meetings – & that’s
good. Congratulations everyone on getting their attention AND
respect AND making a difference!

FLASH – Daylight savings time starts @ 2am on March 11. So, be
sure to set your clocks forward – there may be quite a few folks
showing up for the march an hour early, so there may be a lot of help
organizing & making signs!