City Constrains OSC to Terms of Unrequested Permit

November 4, 2011 admin PerspectiveComments Off

Special Assembly consensed for 4pm Saturday November 5 to discuss this issue. See you at the courthouse!

Earlier this evening we reported on increased pressure from Santa Cruz county sheriffs on our occupation of the Santa Cruz County Superior Courthouse. Today the City of Santa Cruz has also manifested its will by delivering an event permit to us. This permit, not requested by Occupy Santa Cruz or any of its participants, allows but clearly restricts the usage of our San Lorenzo Park campsite adjacent to the courthouse.

This permit appears to be far less than a benevolent sanctioning of our activities, and more a statement of intention to enforce the stated terms. Among these terms, notably, is an end date of November 16, 2011, after which we “shall break-down and clean-up the permitted area immediately following the event” should another permit not be issued.

The documents, reproduced below, consists of the following: a three page cover letter addressed to our Legal Group representative Steve Pleich from City Manager Martin Bernal, a two page “Non-Commercial Permit and Conditions of Use” for the San Lorenzo Park Benchlands, and fifteen color photographs as referenced in the cover letter.

The photographs, not reproduced here, are intended to document the “degraded and unsanitary conditions at the San Lorenzo Park Benchlands, directly attributable to the 24 hour a day demonstration, which necessitate the issuance of the subject permit and, more specifically, the conditions imposed in connection with the permit’s issuance” and depict two full trash bags of rubbish, several close-ups of feces of indeterminate origin, a man holding half a bottle of brandy, a lovely assembly of tents, and a well-stocked camp pantry.

Without delving too far into an analysis of this document, it probably should be noted here that while the cover letter states our encampment is “without benefit of any toilet or other sanitation facilities,” we do have a rented portable toilet and wash-station on the premises, and the park also houses two bathrooms which are locked by city employees at sundown.

Expect a lively discussion of this document at tomorrow’s Special Assembly at 4pm and General Assembly at 6pm, Saturday November 5.

Permit, page 1

Permit, page 2

Permit, page 3

Permit, page 4

Permit, page 5