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RCNV Social Justice Organizer Training

Build community over a three day workshop with others interested in learning more about the fundamental behind planning nonviolent direct actions and campaigns, the philosophies and ideologies of nonviolence, and meet with several organizations working to better our local communities. The weekend will include presentations, conversations, interactive activities, films, discussion groups, field trips, and even a bit of direct action! Dinner will be provided on Friday (4pm-9pm), breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday (9am-5pm). Please RSVP and register with us by June 16. Call or email Sandino for more info and to RSVP!

Food Not Bombs Joins Santa Cruz Pride Parade


Food Not Bombs at Santa Cruz Pride 2014

Volunteer Meeting Today at 5:30pm

Please join us this Tuesday, June 3rd, at 5:30pm at The Little Red Church at 532 Center Street downtown Santa Cruz in one of the little rooms.

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Action Organizing Working Group Meeting every Tuesday 7pm at the clock tower

Action Organizing Working Group (formerly Turkish Solidarity Working Group) will meet every Tuesday at 7pm at the clock tower.

GA Suspended and Turkish Solidarity WG Meeting


Turkish Solidarity Working Group Meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd 7pm at the
clock tower.

Also there will be no GA on July 6th. June 29th’s GA consensed on
suspending GA for July 6th and instead going to the action at 7:30pm.

(I am hoping this can be placed somewhere besides the comments as it
is hard to see there and contains info about the GA.)

Turkish Solidarity WG Meeting on Tue 18June2013

To: Webmaster


Turkish Solidarity Working Group Meeting: Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00pm
at the fountain underneath the town clock.

Area Solidarity WG Report for Sat1June2013

Statement of Support (preliminary)

Occupy Santa Cruz supports the Courage to Resist/Support for Bradley Manning parade contingent for the San Francisco Pride Parade 2013.

The statement was proposed by the Area Solidarity Working Group to the Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly (OSC GA) on Saturday 1 June 2013.

RESOLVED by unanimous consent by the OSC GA on Saturday 1 June 2013.



“Sanctuary Camp” Working Group Notes, Feb 27, 2013

Opening of meeting “Go ’round”: Introductions and expectations for meeting

Participants agree to meet for 90 minutes

Presentation of “Sanctuary Camp” as currently envisioned, including references to models that are WORKING in other communities.  Also known as “tent cities” (please add a link in comments section, to the facebook page where there is a community dialogue on this.  Thanks.  I wasn’t taking notes during that initial presentation.)

Discussion (sketches):

  • Assertion of Right to Sleep
  • Organize for an open dialogue with community at April 6 meeting
  • Question: “Who is doing what?”
  • Desire to discuss details such as “where” on April 6
  • County Government is currently creating a plan for rehousing “early release” prisoners due to prison overcrowding issue
  • Desire to see positive use of County funds allocated for Mental Health (could that go into supportive housing?  Could that go into community mental health workers, which might be useful for a community-based sanctuary camp project?)
  • Need for discussion of “lessons learned” or best practices from previous camps, such as agreements around drug and alcohol use/non use in camp, responsibilities of campers, curfews, quiet hours, inclusion/exclusion of people (e.g. “locals only”), enforcement of camp rules (including relationship with law enforcement entities), how many people?
  • Question: Is this two separate projects?  One short term, another long term?
  • Expression of solidarity with fulfillment of immediate needs
  • Restatement of desire to discuss details later
  • Commitment from one activist to promoting April 6 meeting date by distributing flyers
  • Discussion of what info might be on flyer: Gary Johnson court decision to come down March 21, 4 PM, “solidarity with prisoners” rally (also scheduled for April 6), Food Not Bombs meal, Sanctuary Camp Community Meeting
  • Desire for next Working Group meeting to be at Louden Nelson (decision moved to end of meeting)
  • Opening of discussion of this working group’s decision-making model, with differences outlined but not fully discussed: consensus model, majority vote, autonomy, “dictatorship” (discussion shut down by meeting facilitator… sorry, I didn’t feel we had the time and energy then, uncertain if there might be two working groups moving forward, such as one for camp planning and the other for PR campaign)
  • Raising briefly issues of money for porta-potties, connecting with churches
  • Ideas regarding “protest camp” versus “sanctuary camp” or is this a false dichotomy: permanent camps have arisen out of protests in the past…
  • Need for health services to be provided, including mental health


  1. Next Meeting: the community is invited to the Post Office steps at 4 PM this Saturday, March 2, to informally discuss ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams, campaign strategy, life, and everything over a delicious vegan meal to be provided weekly by Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.  Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly follows at 5:30 PM, where discussion and proposals can be decided through the consensus process of OSC.
  2. Draft of publicity flyer to be submitted for approval of GA on Saturday (Thank you!)

Food Not Bombs Meeting

UPDATE: The next meeting is Thursday 15 November 2012; same time; same place.

What: Food Not Bombs Meeting

Where: TerraGnoma Garden, 1147 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA

When: Thursday 8 Nov 2012 from 6PM until 8PM

Freedom writes:

Howdy ya'll!
Food Not Bombs had our first meeting yesterday October 31 and decided to set up the next meeting for Thursday the 8th, 6pm at TerraGnoma garden. Dinner will be made AFTER the meeting if you are interested in eating please bring something to contribute and/or help prepare. Thank you to all!

Food Not Bombs Reboot

What: Food Not Bombs Meeting

Where: Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA

When: Wednesday 31 October 2012 from 2PM until 3PM

Freedom writes:

Food Not Bombs is looking to reactivate and we need your help. This Wednesday we are gathering outside at Louden Nelson Community Center to discuss preparing meals for the community. The volunteer positions needed are food collecting, preparation/ cooking, serving and cleaning. We can discuss logistics/commitments at the meeting. If you are interested in helping please attend this meeting if possible. If not and you are still interested in volunteering please send a message to keep updated. Thank ya’ll for your works.

1st Amendment Flyer

Our 1st Amendment Rights Are Under Attack

Did you know that the county building, courthouse, and adjacent areas are closed from 7 PM to 7 AM every evening by administrative fiat?  The curfew was put in place shortly before the Occupy camp and protest were destroyed by police and sheriffs last fall.

The area in front of the courthouse steps on Water Street has historically been a “free speech” zone.  Inspired by global revolutionary movements, the Occupy movement in Santa Cruz used that area to host events, informational tables, a shelter known as the “Occudome,” and place for occupiers to set up tents to bring public attention to the disparity of wealth and political influence between a tiny fraction of the people of the United States and the rest of the population.

Ongoing “political criminal” cases:

Linda Lemaster lodging trial commences soon.  Linda was cited during a peaceful assembly on the courthouse steps in August of 2010.  “Peacecamp2010″ was established to protest the Santa Cruz law that prohibits anyone from sleeping outside in public which is enforced against homeless people sleeping at night.  She was cited under California law PC 647(e) and faces up to six months in jail.  Visit or for more information and how to support her legal defense.

Isaac Collins hearings are scheduled for November 30, readiness & December 3, pre-trial.  An African-American Occupy activist, he faces felony possession of marijuana charges after being singled out at the 4/20 demonstration at UCSC.  Follow up and support at or

Santa Cruz 11 pre-tial hearing scheduled to begin January 7.  Seven activists are still under charges and facing up to seven years in prison for peaceful occupation of a vacant bank building at 75 River Street in Santa Cruz last fall.  Latest information and how to support at

Inform yourself about homeless civil rights in Santa Cruz at

November 15 “Occupy Education” Rally planned, details to follow at