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Santa Cruz DA Goes Judge Shopping — Again

Santa Cruz Eleven Trial Delayed by the DA — Again

The public and the defendants in the Santa Cruz Eleven case were looking forward to the commencement of the trial this week. Instead, the DA in a surprise move during a readiness hearing on Friday 28Feb2014 asked for a different judge. This postpones the trial until a decision about switching judges can be made. This is not the first time that the DA has asked for a new judge and the motion denied. This latest motion is likely to be denied as well.

The Santa Cruz Eleven comprises eleven individuals who were charged with crimes in association with the 2011 occupation of the vacant bank building located at 75 River Street in Santa Cruz. According to the prosecution, approximately $20,000 in damages were caused to the building as a result of the occupation, and the defendants were being prosecuted to pay for those damages even though none of them were directly responsible for any of it. Arrest warrants were issued and eleven individuals were charged with three separate felony counts in February of 2012. After dozens of pre-trial hearings, Santa Cruz Judge Paul Burdick dismissed the charges against all but four of those charged by early 2013.

The sixth amendment states that the accused have the right to a speedy trial. These needless delays by the DA violate that right. This has gone on long enough. It is time to drop the charges or dismiss the case.

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Beware the TPP


Senator Dianne Feinstein  Tel: 415-393-0707  / 202-224-3841  

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Anthony Messer — Homeless Services Center Memorial

Anthony Messer Memorial Flag

On Thursday 19Dec2013, the Santa Cruz Homeless Service Center had a Memorial Service for the 48 homeless people who died this year. The HSC memorial featured a banner of flags, one flag for each person. Above is Anthony Messer’s flag.

On Day 8 of the Santa Cruz ReOccupy, Friday 24Feb2012 at 2AM, deputies rousted him by throwing water on him. They soaked him and his sleeping bag. He said he had not shivered so much that night than his deep snow training in Wisconsin for the US Army Cavelry. He talks about that in the video above.

Anthony Messer actively organized events with Occupy Santa Cruz, and he contributed several articles to the OSC website. In March of 2012, he participated in Tent University at UC Santa Cruz, as well as the associated campus shut down. He also participated in many of the larger Bay Area and Northern California events that occurred during the Occupy movement, which included marching with supporters of the S.F. Commune during the occupation of 888 Turk Street in San Francisco.

RIP Anthony

Anthony Messer 1985-2013
by Alex Darocy

ReOccupy Day 8 Deputies Throw Water
by Occupy Santa Cruz

Occupy San Diego, Vets for Peace Reach Out to Help Homeless

Homeless and Cold -- San Diego Free Press

Occupy San Diego is collecting donations for ‘our houseless friends’ that they’ll be distributing on December 20, 2013 from 4-6pm at Civic Center.  They are particularly looking for sweatshirts, jackets, coats, socks, shoes, blankets, gloves, toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, backpacks, hats, bus/trolley passes.

The “Compassion Campaign” of the San Diego Veterans For Peace begins its fourth year this winter, seeking donations from the public and purchasing and delivering new sleeping bag sets to the most needy of the 1000 homeless sleeping on the streets and alleys in downtown San Diego.

Spying on the Occupy Movement Nationwide

Dissent or Terror: Counterterrorism Apparatus Used to Monitor Occupy Movement Nationwide

Newly revealed documents show how police partnered with corporations to monitor the Occupy Wall Street movement. DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy have obtained thousands of pages of records from counterterrorism and law enforcement agencies that detail how so-called fusions centers monitored the Occupy Wall Street movement over the course of 2011 and 2012. These fusion centers are comprised of employees from municipal, county and federal counterterrorism and homeland security entities, as well as local police departments, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Santa Cruz Clean Team Scandal Video

Clean Team Member prods camper with trash grabber

Santa Cruz Clean Team member prods camper with trash grabber

Full size picture — Click Here

Clean Team Harassing Homeless
by Robert Norse

Interview with Clean Team founder TJ Magallanes
by Jeremy Leonard

No Place To Sleep

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Newsom’s ideas?

Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government
Gavin Newsom

Who has read this? Ideas we could begin to implement locally? I heard him speak (TV), agree with his analysis, …

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What Kind of Community Do We Have?

Perusing the very local newspaper produced in Boulder Creek, my ire was aroused by a top of the page headline on the trash produced by “the homeless” in the community.  I am moved to ask, “What kind of community do we have here in the San Lorenzo Valley?  Does it only care about trash, or does it care about people?”

I want to try to tell my homeless neighbors up in the redwood forest here that they are not alone.  Not everyone wants them to disappear without a trace.  In my small circle of acquaintances in town, one had a family living in a motor home in their back yard, and another was helping his son “get back on his feet” after a car accident by having him live on his property in a small outbuilding.  We have folks who need a little help, and we have compassionate community members helping them by offering them a place to sleep at night.  We have church and community programs helping in organized programs as well.

Providers of homeless services have been promoting a new vision of service for the people that need the most help: permanent supportive housing for those chronic homeless, many of whom have untreated mental health issues or substance dependencies or both.  Many people support this model of providing help, but it is more expensive than another model that homeless advocates are now discussing.  If there were enough community support, either through charities, government, or private entrepreneurship, this community could house people in a campground where trash could be collected, sanitary facilities provided, and a sense of interdependency could be created, with peers helping peers.  Other communities have found that this helps people “get back on their feet.”

Currently, we have many paths leading nowhere.  People sleep in their cars.  People sleep in the woods.  Those who have drawn attention to the problem in creative non-violent political protest have been sent to jail or fined.  A fraction of the homeless population are sheltered at night in the city of Santa Cruz, another fraction in spare bedrooms and backyards all over the county.  The community can do better by coming together, finding those that agree with our project, creating new partnerships amongst those that are already caring for people in need, listening to our critical rivals, and finally by taking action.

Occupy Santa Cruz will be discussing a “Sanctuary Camp” this Saturday in front of the downtown Santa Cruz Post Office.  You may meet at 4 PM for a vegan meal shared by Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs, and stay for the General Assembly at 5:30 PM.  Decisions are made through a consensus process open to all.  I look forward to seeing you there.