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GA Notes for Sat 12Oct2013

Resolution 2 endorse Tour of Shame on Sunday Oct 13 @1:30 PM starting on Pacific Ave. @ Soquel Ave. as protest against ordinance eliminating most non-commercial display devices used by artists & musicians & political tables

Passes 5 – 1

Shall OSC designate remaining funds 4 Roxanne & Occu-baby needs?

2 blocks

Resolved: funds R 2 B allocated 4 benefit w all profits B returned 2 Roxanne & baby leaving OSC fund intact. Pending on approval by Roxanne

GA Notes for Sat 5Oct2013

The was no quorum to spend money.


Item #1

Resolution: To have a benefit to help Roxanne with her baby’s medical expenses.

Two people volunteered to bottom-line the effort.

Result: Consensus/pass

Item #2

Resolution: To support the strike at Dominican.

One person volunteered to bottom-line the effort.

Result: Concensus/pass


Restore the Fourth WG meets at India Joze on Tuesdays at 7PM.

HUFF  will be tabling in front of Forever 21 on Sunday between 1:30 and 3:30PM.


SFO Labor Day Convergence

WHAT: Occupy Labor Day – Bay Area Convergence


Private Manning Plaza
(Justin Herman Plaza – across fr. Ferry Bldg)
San Francisco

Monday Labor Day
September 02, 2013
10:00 a.m. – ON


Everyone welcome!
Children friendly

Time to re-connect, make new connections, share and plan for the future.
-2 Year Gathering of OCCUPY
-Art, Food, Entertainment, Action

Endorsed by Occupy Santa Cruz on Sat 10Aug2013


GA Notes for Saturday 10 Aug 2013

Working Group Reports

Sanctuary WG

Meetings: All Are Welcome.
Sanctuary Camp Campaign Info and Planning Meeting
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month 6pm
Resource Center For Non-Violence (Side Door)
612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz, CA.

Action Organizing WG

Meets every Tuesday at 7PM at the Clock Tower

Homeless Justice WG

Had an Action at CruzioWorks


Item #1

Resolution: OSC opposes practices of CruzioWorks that discriminate against homeless and disabled.

Result: Consensus/pass

Item #2

Resolution: OSC endorses the Occupy Labor Day Convergence in San Francisco

Result: Consensus/pass

Item #3

NSA Spying Discussion

Result: Further discussion continued to next GA

Item #4

Resolution: OSC endorses a pickett of CruzioWorks on Friday from 1PM to 3PM

Result: Consensus/pass


GA Notes for Saturday 20 July 2013


Short GA – Three Proposals

Proposal #1:
That OSC officially endorse the End NSA Spying Rally being organized
by Action Organizing Working Group. Rally will be held on Saturday,
August 10th at 2pm at the corner of Ocean and Water.

Results: passed / consensus

Proposal #2:
That OSC endorse and join the list of sponsors of the Hiroshima Day
Candlelight Vigil to be held Tuesday, August 6th 7-9 pm at the clock
tower / collateral damage sculpture.

Results: passed / consensus

Proposal #3:
That treasury allocate $11 – $5.50 for 200 quarter sheet flyers for
the anti-NSA rally and $5.50 for blank CDs so as to be able to play
videos on the Occu-cart.

Results: passed / consensus

GA Suspended and Turkish Solidarity WG Meeting


Turkish Solidarity Working Group Meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd 7pm at the
clock tower.

Also there will be no GA on July 6th. June 29th’s GA consensed on
suspending GA for July 6th and instead going to the action at 7:30pm.

(I am hoping this can be placed somewhere besides the comments as it
is hard to see there and contains info about the GA.)

GA Notes, Saturday June 15, 2013

Subject: Occupy Santa Cruz GA June 15 2013

> Occupy Santa Cruz GA
> Facilitator: Colin
> Notes: Becky
> Report: ppl being approached (younger guys) w brown Dodge van 88 or 89–
> possible human trafficking
> Proposal: protest in medians beginning
> Bradley Manning 2 take public statement approach Democrats 2 take position
> on whistle-blowers/ ACLU
> OSC investigative journalism WG
> NSA res: 1. Stop NSA spying
> 2. Destroy files collected w/o warrant
> 3. Return 4th amendment
> 4. Ask 4 transparency from R public officials
> Turkey support on 6th of July
> Time TBA
> -a few words by Vice-Chief Steve Clark
> Take Back the Levee June 28th, 6PM
> Adjourned til Sat. 5:30PM

GA Notes, Saturday, June 8, 2013

> OSC GA 5:30pm @ SC Main Post Office June 9th minutes
> Dennis: facilitator
> David: stacker
> Becky: note-taker
> RN: 2 ordinances 2 pass @ City Council. 24-hr from park 4 any infraction
> How does OSC relate 2 other groups in town?
> Move to Amend- need okay 2 sit at a table w other groups
> David: keep the faith
> Homeless Justice WG — urges members 2 go online & oppose both ordinances
> Ahead: response 2 ordinances
> Paula died– moment of silence
> Turkey
> FNB persecution
> NSA spying — tabled
> Monthly mtg @ diff time
> SC 11 support
> Treasury report &181.86
> Homeless Justice WG — meeting @ Red Church. Truncated meal in summer will
> make signs there. Puppet show.
> Drone protest w balsa wood gliders
> RESPONSE: ordinances 2 curtail free speech. Can’t b in the park?
> The right 2 assemble is vital
> Paul: we’re on our way 2 fascism
> Action which risk arrest?
> RN: saying anti-homeless laws R 4 public safety is an escalation of
> anti-homeless bias
> RN trying 2 make copy of clean team video
> Wed. Mtg 3rd public Safety Task Force – should picket w signs
> Stand up & give Nazi Salute when it passes
> TURKEY: education is response
> KM: Germany is in solidarity w those seculars being crushed in Turkey
> We oppose the destruction of Gezi Park in Turkey as we decry public spaces
> being removed from public use in Turkey & in Santa Cruz. We condemn the
> police crackdown on ppl protesting both in Turkey & in Santa Cruz
> — passed
> FNB persecution– Taos NM
> Rules 2 only feed 130 ppl
> FNB told not 2 feed in Pioneer square– Seattle, Taos, Houston
> FNB is still serving
> NSA item tabled
> Monthly mtg. Turkish solidarity working group formed
> SC 11 support — website down 4 defendants left
> Publicizing what the banks R doing
> Pursue sanctions against Rebecca Young hasn’t paid it. Being appealed.
> Dennis: have a mock trial
> Mtg adjourned 6:33pm

GA Notes, Saturday, June 1, 2013

> OSC GA June 1 2013
Location: Main Post Office downtown Santa Cruz
Time: 5:30PM
> Facilitator: George
> Notes: Becky
> Homeless Justice Working Group WG report
> 9pm tonight Dolores Park Light signals
> Bradley Manning WG — great rally today @ clock tower — Colin
> Report:huge protests in Turkey
> Blockupy going on in Europe–RN
> Proposal: OSC to issue statement of support Bradley Manning :
> OSC supports the Courage to Resist/Support for Bradley Manning Pride
> Contingent for SF & SC Pride parade—passed
> Gladio B — form working group
> To talk about classified materials
> Proposal: cont. opposition to 2 new ordinances criminalizing signs on
> medians & round-abouts
> 2nd ordinance–allows stay-away orders @ parks w/o court processes
> “harassing w profane languance” misdemeanor if they come back after
> citation, 6 months in jail ,$1000 fine
> Plan creative activity 2 challenge  these 2 ordinances
> –meet @ HUFF mtg. 2pm Wed. @ SubRosa Cafe
[creative activity: plans to make sock puppets and perform a skit!  Working group to meet next on Saturday, June 8, 4:15-ish, at the Post Office Steps.  The group invites you to contribute your skit performing talent and/or sock puppet materials and playfulness.--LD report back from HUFF meeting]

> Next mtg. Sat. 5:30 PM @ SC Main Post Office

GA Notes, Saturday, May 18, 2013

Occupy Santa Cruz  Meeting minutes for May 18, 2013
5:30PM  @ Santa Cruz Main Post Office steps

Colin facilitator, Caleb co-facilitator
Becky: notetaker
?? stacker

Inspirational moment: Linda Lemaster

SC Eleven support Working Group report by Robert Norse:
Only 4 defendants left: Gabriella Ripley-Phipps, Brent Adams,
Cameron Laurendau & Franklin “Angel” Alcantara
Next trial date is not until August. Question for group
is do we pay $125 to bring webpage back to life?

Report on past resolution:
Becky: HSC Kris & Chris said they will issue receipts to anyone
who signs up for their waiting list, and have asked 4 our help
to supply the forms.

RN :public safety task force- median trespassing ordinance
is coming down the pike.


Colin: go 2 Red Church, inform people to get on waiting list
and to ask for a receipt. Build pressure Over time
Coral: Motion to form new WG  2 get
Weekly event 2 get more ppl over 2 HSC 2 ask 4 receipts

Homeless Justice Working Group formed –1st meeting 5PM @ Red Church
Coral: align w FNB
FNB 2 City Council mtg.

(Woman) OSC supports FNB special event/feeding during week around social
justice issue
Motion by LL: OSC shall support and attend a 2nd FNB event/feeding TBA
sometime during
week. 2nded. passed.

Women from Occupy Monterey reports that their group is still holding regular
and has taken on a homeless rights agenda

Colin:  Motion to 2 support Bradley Manning by planning a demo of support at
clock tower
3PM Sat. “I’ll be there with a sign. I hope more people come with signs”
2nded, passed.

Linda L: Motion to buy video camera/s 4 homeless people
Blocked by Freedom as waste of time & money

REPORT: 2 died @ Natural Bridges B/C someone assaulted them for their phones
1st mtg. 2 B @ Red Church Mon. May 20th @ 5PM

CC: will speak @ City Council and urges others to as well, and to watch what
council does and make reports
Coral: We need to open bathrooms in City
Becky: Motion, 2nd, passed:  Resolution: That the bathrooms at Kaiser
Permanente Arena Shall B opened
on a 24 hour basis due 2 lack of bathrooms downtown, and to avert a public
health crisis.


RN: AB 5 ACLU 2 discuss @ Mon. Night mtg. 7PM Mon Louden Nelson