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Occupy The Farm Official Trailer

Director Todd Darling will show clips from the film and will discuss the production at an event in Aptos on Wednesday 21 August 2013.


For more information visit:

They cut the padlock off the gate, and marched onto the last pristine farmland in the urban East Bay. They raised a banner that read, Occupy the Farm, and told the press, “farmland is for farming.”

Then they planted 15,000 seedlings to save this publicly owned land from becoming a shopping mall, condos and a baseball diamonds.

Occupy the Farm surprised officials. Inspired and angered the neighbors. Created a media sensation. Drew in the riot police. And changed the fate of the land.

Anti-NSA / Pro-Whistleblower Rally

Saturday, August 10th 2pm at Corner of Ocean and Water

Restore the 4th Amendment! Protect Whistle-blowers!

Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the National Security Agency’s extensive spying programs have provoked a global uproar over the Orwellian, unaccountable, and criminal nature of the emergent total surveillance state. Claiming their behavior is justified in secret legal proceedings, the US government monitors the Facebook posts, phone calls, text messages, tweets and emails of ordinary Americans. NSA data-mining programs like PRISM and Boundless Informant are clear violations of the protections of personal privacy and freedom from excessive government intrusion enshrined in the Bill of Rights.


The Obama administration has responded to the revelations by extending and expanding their unprecedented, vicious campaign against whistleblowers, such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, criminalizing the very act of revealing the true nature of taxpayer-funded government activities to the press and public. Today Manning faces years behind bars, tomorrow Snowden and then who knows?


We say it’s time for the people to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. End the militarization of internet. End the voyeuristic police state which demands access to the most minute, intimate information pertaining to our personal lives yet shrouds it’s own behavior behind a veil of secrecy.


The Rally here in Santa Cruz on Aug 10th is part of the national resistance movement demanding that the NSA and the Executive branch of government, regardless of Party, stop their programs to curtail and infringe upon our fundamental constitutional right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. Join us on Aug 10th as part of the national movement to Restore the Fourth. Stand up for civil liberty and human rights now while we still can!



Uncle Sam Intervention, Downtown Santa Cruz

Occupy activists performed this skit as part of the Rally for Rights and Candlelight Vigil on Saturday, July 6th, 2013.

Rally for Rights followed by Candlelight Vigil

WHAT: Rally for Rights and Candlelight Vigil

WHERE: Clocktower, Santa Cruz, CA

WHEN: Saturday 6 July 2013 at 7:30PM



Throughout the world, regular, ordinary people are rebelling against
the entrenched power of the economic elites and their political
henchmen who control our lives. Most recently, people in Turkey,
Brazil and Egypt have stood up and shouted, “We’re mad as hell and
won’t take it anymore!”

Meanwhile, here in the United States, our rights are being eroded and
trampled upon. Our own government spies on us, reading our e-mails and
monitoring our phone calls. Government officials seem more interested
in punishing whistleblowers than in returning our rights to us. Access
to public spaces, even for purposes protected by the 1st Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution, is limited more and more by local lawmakers.

It doesn’t matter whether the government is led by reactionary
Islamists in Turkey and Egypt, secular social democrats in Brazil, or
conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats in the U.S. The systems
they rule over are the same, and serve only the interests of the 1%.

The crumbs that we the people receive can be snatched away whenever
the going gets tough. When we protest against the banksters and their
cronies and the attacks on our living standards that follow, we are
met with the force of the Police State. Now we have learned, by the
heroic disclosures of NSA consultant Edward Snowden, that our every
word and tweet can and will be used against us if we dare to struggle
for a fair and just society.

Join us at 7:30 pm Saturday, July 6th at the Santa Cruz clock tower
for a rally in solidarity with the brave men and women around the
world who are standing up to these abuses. Protesters in Turkey,
Brazil and Egypt have faced down tear gas, water cannon and rubber
bullets simply for trying to assemble. U.S. patriots such as Edward
Snowden face jail time and possibly torture if captured, while
political activists are spied on and monitored merely for criticizing
the U.S. government, banksters and multinational corporations.

At dusk, we will hold a candlelight vigil for our own rights, as well
as the rights of the Turkish, Brazilian and Egyptian protesters that
have been violated.

Speak up now while it’s still legal!

SFO Bradley Manning Pride Contigent

You are invited to join the march …

You are invited to join the official Bradley Manning San Francisco Pride 2013 contingent

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Meet up at 10:00AM
Howard and Beale Streets
San Francisco, California

Come Out for the LGBTQ Whistle blower PFC Bradley Manning at the 2013 SF Pride Parade! You are invited to join the official, fabulous, and epic, contingent for the SF Pride People’s Grand Marshal Bradley Manning!

Music by Kaimera & the Brass Liberation Orchestra, Featuring Daniel Ellsberg (riding in a convertible), and a motorized cable car (for those who can’t walk).

Endorsed by Queer Strike, Gays without Borders, Gay Liberation Network, ACT UP SF & East Bay, The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, SEIU Local 1021, Queer Friends of Bradley Manning, American Legion Bob Basker Post 315, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, SF Green Party, Gray Panthers San Francisco, BFUU Social Justice Committee, Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party, Occupy AIDS, Occupy Santa Cruz & Occupy SF. Organized by Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network.

Come celebrate the radical heritage and original spirit of Pride by joining the contingent in support of a heroic Queer army intelligence analyst who sacrificed everything so we could all know the truth about US wars and foreign policy by leaking classified information that revealed war crimes, torture, lies, corruption, spying, bribery, false imprisonment and much more to the Wikileaks whistle blowing website.

This year’s Pride falls in the midst of a military court martial this summer where PFC Manning’s entire life will quite literally be on the line. This will be the most crucial time to show support for this young hero, especially from the LGBTQ community. By marching with us we will not only be supporting Manning but challenging an entire system of oppression at home and abroad. LGBTQ liberation is integrally tied to the collective liberation of all oppressed groups. Despite the SF Pride Board publicly maligning and rescinding Manning as a Grand Marshal, members of the San Francisco LGBTQ, military veteran and activist community have named Bradley Manning the 2013 San Francisco Pride People’s Grand Marshal; we will be marching in solidarity & in mass. Free Bradley Manning, our communities and the world!

Manning is in prison for us! Let’s come out for him!

We are calling on all individuals, groups and organizations to endorse and join us in the march. If you can’t be in our contingent and want to support PFC Manning we ask that people hold Free Bradley Manning signs in their contingents. For endorsements, materials, questions and details contact or

Facebook Event:

The Official SF Pride Parade Bradley Manning After Party & Fundraiser!

Retake Gezi Gardens

Reclaim Gezi Gardens
Friday June 14th at 6pm
At Patricia’s Green, Octavia & Fell

Over 100 SFPD officers raided Gezi Gardens in the early hours of Thursday morning. One person fell from their tree sit after the police CUT THE ROPE holding them up, and fell from 30 feet in the air. Another person was beaten during their extraction. 7-9 were arrested. We believe significant injuries occurred, but the extent is still unknown, because the police cordoned off a 2 block radius from the park, and shoved and twisted arms and arrested people who were not even on the land, to keep them from witnessing or recording the police raid and arrests.
Video of person falling from the tree


Tell everyone you know: RECONVERGE TOMORROW, FRIDAY, 6PM at OCTAVIA AND FELL in San Francisco, and we will RECLAIM GEZI GARDENS.

In the meantime, support is needed at the ongoing vigil at Octavia and Fell Streets, and Gezi Gardeners encourage any and all autonomous direct action taken in an effort to liberate and reclaim the space.

Gezi Gardens is a former farm and community space at Laguna and Fell that was occupied by direct action on June 1st, in an effort to save it from developers of luxury apartments. This action was undertaken in solidarity with the struggle going on in Turkey.

Gardens being demolished in SF
by Freedom

Seven arrested in raid on Gezi Gardens


Seven protesters were arrested early this morning during a raid at a former urban farm site in Hayes Valley that is slated to become a housing development.

Police gathered at the former Hayes Valley Farm at Laguna and Fell streets about 1:30 a.m. and ordered 44 people who were camping on the property to leave.


Still trying to find out if the Friday’s march will start from there.


SFO Edward Snowden Rally on Fri 14July2013


Friday 14 July 2013 at 5PM


Rally & Chalk art 5pm at Dianne Feinstein’s Office, One Post St. near Montgomery BART station on Market St., San Francisco




The government is watching you, yet we refuse to live in fear. Stand in solidarity with whistleblowers and those that speak truth to power! Edward Snowden, 29 year old whistleblower, exposed the illegal NSA/FBI surveillance system called PRISM which gives the government and private security firms direct access to the servers of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, MSN, etc. as well as direct access to Verizon phone logs. Edward Snowden, like Bradley Manning and Daniel Ellsberg before him have done a great service to humanity by uncovering to the public the extent at which the government will go to spy on its citizens and deprive of our rights.

Dianne Feinstein has called Snowden a traitor, yet she is the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where she would have been briefed on these government programs that threaten our freedom and violate our fourth amendment rights.

Rally at Feinstein’s office at 5pm, march to Feinstein’s office from Gezi Gardens at 4pm.

Subcommondante next project: “75 River St.” (working title)

Subcommondante Films is now editing a new project about “75 River St.” (working title).

It documents the audacious takeover and 3 day occupation of a vacant bank building and the effort by the SCPD & the Santa Cruz DA to remove and to prosecute a select few for the crimes of the many.

This project also investigates the history of this property as a way to question the sacredness of private property and investigates why there are 5 vacant bank buildings within a small area downtown.

Please consider supporting this project by donating to:

Santa Cruz Eleven

Show community support for the Santa Cruz Eleven at a benefit on Sunday, January 6, 2013, at India Joze in downtown Santa Cruz starting at 3:30 p.m.

Enjoy a delicious plate of India Joze food, listen to local musicians and support The Santa Cruz Eleven, seven of whom still face charges arising from their alleged involvement with the occupation of a long-time vacant bank building late last fall, 2011. $10 – $15 suggested donation, No one turned away.

The defendants would also love to see you at their preliminary hearing, scheduled Monday, January 7th, 9:00 a.m. in Department 6 of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse.