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No Place To Sleep

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Newsom’s ideas?

Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government
Gavin Newsom

Who has read this? Ideas we could begin to implement locally? I heard him speak (TV), agree with his analysis, …

Any input about this web page?

I have editor WordPress permission on this site ( but not administrator authority. There were a number of administrators – I don’t know who is still available and has those privileges. I cannot change themes and plugins. I can approve postings. I can manage the calendar.

I have been making choices that are perhaps management and perhaps policy – I removed from the calendar most of the non-local (Monterey, … ) and recurring events (SubRosa open mic … ) and have been including events about non-recurring food and housing as well as economics and River St. Sometimes I’ve added an event which might be an opportunity for visibility, leafleting (local government, court, … ).

Leslie and others have been uploading minutes of GA’s and work groups and I have been approving those.

One of the features of Facebook that I like is that it expands a web link into a part of the underlying page, an image, a headline. Can I do that here? What’s the underlying coding? Or in emails?


Subcommondante next project: “75 River St.” (working title)

Subcommondante Films is now editing a new project about “75 River St.” (working title).

It documents the audacious takeover and 3 day occupation of a vacant bank building and the effort by the SCPD & the Santa Cruz DA to remove and to prosecute a select few for the crimes of the many.

This project also investigates the history of this property as a way to question the sacredness of private property and investigates why there are 5 vacant bank buildings within a small area downtown.

Please consider supporting this project by donating to:

Santa Cruz Eleven

Show community support for the Santa Cruz Eleven at a benefit on Sunday, January 6, 2013, at India Joze in downtown Santa Cruz starting at 3:30 p.m.

Enjoy a delicious plate of India Joze food, listen to local musicians and support The Santa Cruz Eleven, seven of whom still face charges arising from their alleged involvement with the occupation of a long-time vacant bank building late last fall, 2011. $10 – $15 suggested donation, No one turned away.

The defendants would also love to see you at their preliminary hearing, scheduled Monday, January 7th, 9:00 a.m. in Department 6 of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse.

GA Notes – Sunday Nov 11

Appreciations to Robert for the notes.


Call for an 8 AM picket at the Salinas Fox Theater to protest a Prunedale foreclosure of Marguerite on Tuesday 11-13.

Meeting of a Socialist group at the Stevenson Coffee Shop at UCSC 7 PM 11-13


Linda Lemaster’s trial. She was found guilty of “illegal lodging” in the PeaceCamp2010 protest. Sentencing hearing will be December 3rd in Dept. 1. The time will be posted on

Comments: the jury was made up of men mostly; LL doesn’t deserve this; hope that lots of righteous indignation will spring from this verdict.

Occupy News:

Occupy Noe in SF is most successful. Has disrupted over 200 auctions and stopped 50 people from losing their homes. Action Council in S.F. has a Saturday action planned for 11-17. To convert a bank into a homeless shelter in an Occupy Chase action. There will be street theater. “Chase is so successful at making people homeless, they’re opening a homeless shelter there.”

Also a threatened demo in S.F. to stop the Kezar Gardens evictions.

This week Occupy the Regent will be happening 11-15 Thursday at UCSF Another demo to save diversity classes and accreditation at CCSF at noon 11-13.

Proposals (for discussion):

To support a series of projects by a newly arrived activist involving copwatch, documenting homeless sweeps, and starting a homeless non-profit as well as a zine publishing homeless complaints.

The Santa Cruz Eleven Are Political Scapegoats

by Linda Ellen Lemaster

After protesters occupied a vacant bank building in Santa Cruz, the district attorney wildly over-reacted and began prosecuting media workers, community activists and caregivers whose work seems to be more reportorial than conspiratorial. This makes it appear that the Occupy Movement was the real target of the district attorney.
“Occupy the Banks.” Poster created by Dignidad Rebelde

The Santa Cruz Eleven have become political scapegoats for a property crime, and Occupy Santa Cruz finds itself an unlikely eye in the middle of this storm.

It all started at 75 River Street in Santa Cruz, a block away from the Town Clock, when an empty Wells Fargo bank building was occupied last winter, and activists seemingly dreamed it into new life as a haven for a community made flesh.

Breaching our civilization’s private property taboo is no joke, yet the arms of the state have set upon the wrong people, indicting 11 journalists and activists who visited the building occupation at 75 River Street, instead of seeking out those who actually were involved in the alleged “property crimes.” At this writing, the police and the district attorney’s office are still barking up the wrong tree, and already their judge is nearly howling that “someone must be responsible.”

See the full story.


Discussion of the Day — Mon 26Mar2012

I’d like better electronic communication.

What’s the organizing technology you recommend for local Occupy?

What’s your favorite website and why?  Email?  Texts?  Tweets?

Do you like blasts everywhere or narrowly targeted posts?

How much has to require being present in person?

And please don’t say all of the above!

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In response to those who posted, I confess to having more a tech/online orientation than in-person energy, and, I didn’t clarify adequately when I asked for ‘favorite website’ I was asking in terms of design, ease of us, accessibility, not content. So, from the few responses, it seems there’s considerable energy for face-to-face engagement, and a lot of dissing of the technology processes that are in place. I do know that Big Occupy is wanting to create it’s own internet – we can wait and see how that works out.

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Addendum to Discussion Mon 26Mar2012

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