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GA Notes, Saturday, June 1, 2013

> OSC GA June 1 2013
Location: Main Post Office downtown Santa Cruz
Time: 5:30PM
> Facilitator: George
> Notes: Becky
> Homeless Justice Working Group WG report
> 9pm tonight Dolores Park Light signals
> Bradley Manning WG — great rally today @ clock tower — Colin
> Report:huge protests in Turkey
> Blockupy going on in Europe–RN
> Proposal: OSC to issue statement of support Bradley Manning :
> OSC supports the Courage to Resist/Support for Bradley Manning Pride
> Contingent for SF & SC Pride parade—passed
> Gladio B — form working group
> To talk about classified materials
> Proposal: cont. opposition to 2 new ordinances criminalizing signs on
> medians & round-abouts
> 2nd ordinance–allows stay-away orders @ parks w/o court processes
> “harassing w profane languance” misdemeanor if they come back after
> citation, 6 months in jail ,$1000 fine
> Plan creative activity 2 challenge  these 2 ordinances
> –meet @ HUFF mtg. 2pm Wed. @ SubRosa Cafe
[creative activity: plans to make sock puppets and perform a skit!  Working group to meet next on Saturday, June 8, 4:15-ish, at the Post Office Steps.  The group invites you to contribute your skit performing talent and/or sock puppet materials and playfulness.--LD report back from HUFF meeting]

> Next mtg. Sat. 5:30 PM @ SC Main Post Office

GA Notes, Saturday, May 18, 2013

Occupy Santa Cruz  Meeting minutes for May 18, 2013
5:30PM  @ Santa Cruz Main Post Office steps

Colin facilitator, Caleb co-facilitator
Becky: notetaker
?? stacker

Inspirational moment: Linda Lemaster

SC Eleven support Working Group report by Robert Norse:
Only 4 defendants left: Gabriella Ripley-Phipps, Brent Adams,
Cameron Laurendau & Franklin “Angel” Alcantara
Next trial date is not until August. Question for group
is do we pay $125 to bring webpage back to life?

Report on past resolution:
Becky: HSC Kris & Chris said they will issue receipts to anyone
who signs up for their waiting list, and have asked 4 our help
to supply the forms.

RN :public safety task force- median trespassing ordinance
is coming down the pike.


Colin: go 2 Red Church, inform people to get on waiting list
and to ask for a receipt. Build pressure Over time
Coral: Motion to form new WG  2 get
Weekly event 2 get more ppl over 2 HSC 2 ask 4 receipts

Homeless Justice Working Group formed –1st meeting 5PM @ Red Church
Coral: align w FNB
FNB 2 City Council mtg.

(Woman) OSC supports FNB special event/feeding during week around social
justice issue
Motion by LL: OSC shall support and attend a 2nd FNB event/feeding TBA
sometime during
week. 2nded. passed.

Women from Occupy Monterey reports that their group is still holding regular
and has taken on a homeless rights agenda

Colin:  Motion to 2 support Bradley Manning by planning a demo of support at
clock tower
3PM Sat. “I’ll be there with a sign. I hope more people come with signs”
2nded, passed.

Linda L: Motion to buy video camera/s 4 homeless people
Blocked by Freedom as waste of time & money

REPORT: 2 died @ Natural Bridges B/C someone assaulted them for their phones
1st mtg. 2 B @ Red Church Mon. May 20th @ 5PM

CC: will speak @ City Council and urges others to as well, and to watch what
council does and make reports
Coral: We need to open bathrooms in City
Becky: Motion, 2nd, passed:  Resolution: That the bathrooms at Kaiser
Permanente Arena Shall B opened
on a 24 hour basis due 2 lack of bathrooms downtown, and to avert a public
health crisis.


RN: AB 5 ACLU 2 discuss @ Mon. Night mtg. 7PM Mon Louden Nelson

Bradley Manning Resolution

On Saturday, March 9th, Occupy Santa Cruz passed the following resolution
on the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning:
Whereas, Pfc. Bradley Manning has been arrested for “espionage” for turning over classified military documents to Wikileaks which included the now-famous “Collateral Damage” video of what appears to be mass murder of 11 people from the air, as well as vital information on the status of prisoners at Guantanamo, and use of drones by the military in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen & Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Whereas, concern over seeing clear evidence of war crimes, and his concerns over the ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy affecting gay & lesbian soldiers, prompted Manning to deliver the Iraq & Afghanistan war journals as well as video evidence that has resulted in an investigation into these events by both the military and by the media, and has triggered outrage by concerned
citizens, and is credited with being a factor leading to the Arab Spring movement,
Whereas, the crimes committed by military personal in Baghdad in 2007 had been mis-reported as claiming:  “There is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.”
Whereas, Pfc. Manning attempted to contact the Washington Post, the New York Times to no avail before uploading documents to  Wikileaks,
Whereas President Barack Obama’s use of the espionage laws in this case is completely inappropriate,
Whereas Pfc. Manning’s condition of detention included nine months in solitary confinement where he was often kept naked, always denied a pillow and blanket and kept in a lit cell, constitutes torture,
Whereas  the Red Cross International and several Democratic members of Congress who asked to see him, were denied access,
Whereas due to said treatment, Manning was reported to be depressed and on suicide watch,
Whereas Manning was denied due process, and prosecutorial documents which by law should have been made public record have been classified,
We, the members of Occupy Santa Cruz are resolved that due to the egregious and illegal treatment of Pfc. Manning while in custody, and due to the importance of exposing war crimes committed by members of the US military, due to the need for the American public to have vital, current, and accurate information about the work of our military in foreign operations, and out of respect for the courage, compassion, patriotism, and humanity demonstrated by Pfc. Bradley Manning which has prompted him to be nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, that we call for the prosecution of Manning be suspended, that he be released from custody, and give an honorable discharge from our military.
We believe “whistle-blowers” such as Manning deserve our respect and gratitude not criminal prosecutions by an administration that promised us transparency but has not delivered on that promise.
              —– Written and transcribed by Becky Johnson of OSC

GA Notes, Saturday, February 23, 2013



City council mtg. This Tues.


Keith McHenry coming April 14th

SC11 needs to meet, those interested should call



… death statement has been posted online

with the notes for Feb 16th, 2013 GA




Sanctuary Camp. April 6th planning mtg.  Initial

mtg. will be held @ SubRosa Café 2 noon on Feb 27th


Discussion of possible sites:  Clock tower is proposed

Mar 21st- Gary Johnson appeal

for his “lodging” conviction will b held at 4PM dept. 5

: suggest Site next to county bldg.

: Get support from other cities,

:  plan 4 wen cops come

Necessity defense 4 homeless ppl only

: Sycamore grove location?

– video,4 homeless issues

– supports commercial

DISCUSSION: The need is clear–don’t need Support from r-wing groups

: make a flyer 4 outreach?

: make presentation 2 WILPF

: go 2 city council & give intention

: police Can decide 2 enforce any of a number of laws.

Ppl don’t want homeless here at All

: proposes meeting some city electeds

: right 2 not b hassled

-set up steering committee

will make flyer

: county bldg. prop & stand against drug war

: ppl need a safe place 2 B

180/180 no landlord is going 2 rent 2 inebriate


Working Group: on Wed.noon-Sub Rosa

Reaffirms Vote from Feb 16 to allocate: $50 for flyers



Notes edited 4/4/2013 – per a request to remove one name, *all* names removed.

What Kind of Community Do We Have?

Perusing the very local newspaper produced in Boulder Creek, my ire was aroused by a top of the page headline on the trash produced by “the homeless” in the community.  I am moved to ask, “What kind of community do we have here in the San Lorenzo Valley?  Does it only care about trash, or does it care about people?”

I want to try to tell my homeless neighbors up in the redwood forest here that they are not alone.  Not everyone wants them to disappear without a trace.  In my small circle of acquaintances in town, one had a family living in a motor home in their back yard, and another was helping his son “get back on his feet” after a car accident by having him live on his property in a small outbuilding.  We have folks who need a little help, and we have compassionate community members helping them by offering them a place to sleep at night.  We have church and community programs helping in organized programs as well.

Providers of homeless services have been promoting a new vision of service for the people that need the most help: permanent supportive housing for those chronic homeless, many of whom have untreated mental health issues or substance dependencies or both.  Many people support this model of providing help, but it is more expensive than another model that homeless advocates are now discussing.  If there were enough community support, either through charities, government, or private entrepreneurship, this community could house people in a campground where trash could be collected, sanitary facilities provided, and a sense of interdependency could be created, with peers helping peers.  Other communities have found that this helps people “get back on their feet.”

Currently, we have many paths leading nowhere.  People sleep in their cars.  People sleep in the woods.  Those who have drawn attention to the problem in creative non-violent political protest have been sent to jail or fined.  A fraction of the homeless population are sheltered at night in the city of Santa Cruz, another fraction in spare bedrooms and backyards all over the county.  The community can do better by coming together, finding those that agree with our project, creating new partnerships amongst those that are already caring for people in need, listening to our critical rivals, and finally by taking action.

Occupy Santa Cruz will be discussing a “Sanctuary Camp” this Saturday in front of the downtown Santa Cruz Post Office.  You may meet at 4 PM for a vegan meal shared by Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs, and stay for the General Assembly at 5:30 PM.  Decisions are made through a consensus process open to all.  I look forward to seeing you there.

“Sanctuary Camp” Working Group Notes, Feb 27, 2013

Opening of meeting “Go ’round”: Introductions and expectations for meeting

Participants agree to meet for 90 minutes

Presentation of “Sanctuary Camp” as currently envisioned, including references to models that are WORKING in other communities.  Also known as “tent cities” (please add a link in comments section, to the facebook page where there is a community dialogue on this.  Thanks.  I wasn’t taking notes during that initial presentation.)

Discussion (sketches):

  • Assertion of Right to Sleep
  • Organize for an open dialogue with community at April 6 meeting
  • Question: “Who is doing what?”
  • Desire to discuss details such as “where” on April 6
  • County Government is currently creating a plan for rehousing “early release” prisoners due to prison overcrowding issue
  • Desire to see positive use of County funds allocated for Mental Health (could that go into supportive housing?  Could that go into community mental health workers, which might be useful for a community-based sanctuary camp project?)
  • Need for discussion of “lessons learned” or best practices from previous camps, such as agreements around drug and alcohol use/non use in camp, responsibilities of campers, curfews, quiet hours, inclusion/exclusion of people (e.g. “locals only”), enforcement of camp rules (including relationship with law enforcement entities), how many people?
  • Question: Is this two separate projects?  One short term, another long term?
  • Expression of solidarity with fulfillment of immediate needs
  • Restatement of desire to discuss details later
  • Commitment from one activist to promoting April 6 meeting date by distributing flyers
  • Discussion of what info might be on flyer: Gary Johnson court decision to come down March 21, 4 PM, “solidarity with prisoners” rally (also scheduled for April 6), Food Not Bombs meal, Sanctuary Camp Community Meeting
  • Desire for next Working Group meeting to be at Louden Nelson (decision moved to end of meeting)
  • Opening of discussion of this working group’s decision-making model, with differences outlined but not fully discussed: consensus model, majority vote, autonomy, “dictatorship” (discussion shut down by meeting facilitator… sorry, I didn’t feel we had the time and energy then, uncertain if there might be two working groups moving forward, such as one for camp planning and the other for PR campaign)
  • Raising briefly issues of money for porta-potties, connecting with churches
  • Ideas regarding “protest camp” versus “sanctuary camp” or is this a false dichotomy: permanent camps have arisen out of protests in the past…
  • Need for health services to be provided, including mental health


  1. Next Meeting: the community is invited to the Post Office steps at 4 PM this Saturday, March 2, to informally discuss ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams, campaign strategy, life, and everything over a delicious vegan meal to be provided weekly by Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.  Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly follows at 5:30 PM, where discussion and proposals can be decided through the consensus process of OSC.
  2. Draft of publicity flyer to be submitted for approval of GA on Saturday (Thank you!)

GA Notes, Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick notes:


  1. Topic of discussion for next Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Santa Cruz meeting will be 180/180 plan for housing the chronic homeless.  HUFF plans to flyer at the event.  Tuesday, Quaker Meeting House, check for time (7PM?)
  2. Stop Keystone XL Pipeline of Canadian tar sands oil to the US!  National demonstration on global climate catastrophe.  Sunday, Feb 17, demos in SF and Monterey, noon-2PM. Carpools/caravan to SF available 10 AM at Scotts Valley transit center.
  3. Presidents’ Day NO DRONES rally.  Santa Cruz, clocktower, 3-5PM.
  4. Santa Cruz 11 Support.  Contact Robert
  5. Occupy Movie Night/Open Mic.  Contact Raven
  1. Planning Meeting for Sanctuary Camp.  To be publicized: April 6, 2013.  $50 allocated for publicity flyers.  Consensus.
  2. GA time on Saturdays to be adjusted to 5:30 PM so that participants can help clean-up Food Not Bombs Service before the GA starts.  Consensus.
  3. Resolution on use of incendiary devices by LA County Sheriffs and local Santa Cruz County Sheriffs and police departments.  Clarification requested for notes.  Thank you, Becky and Robert.

GA Notes, Saturday, February 9, 2013

Announcements/Working Group Reports

  1. Move to Amend formed a local chapter in Santa Cruz.  ”Corporations Are Not People.  Money Is Not Speech.”  See
  2. Keith McHenry, co-founder of Food Not Bombs, invited to speak in Santa Cruz.  (March or April)  Process of schedule coordination and event planning has been started.  Next FNB meeting will be Tuesday, 5 PM, Max House.
Proposal to donate $100 from Occupy Santa Cruz treasury to Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs for “pop-up” shelter or other needs–as determined by FNB. Second hearing (previously consensed-to on January 27).  Consensus reached.
Further Announcements
Court hearing for “war on the poor” case of driving with a suspended license went “better than expected,” with fees waived for failure to appear, now that the person has appeared and agreed to go to the DMV.

GA Notes, Sunday, February 3, 2013


please add your announcements in comments section

Occupier seeking court support for car impoundment due to speeding ticket, driving without registration because of inability to pay the ticket, etc.  This is part of the “war on the poor” tactic to get revenue in whatever way possible in a post-Proposition 13 California, where the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes, so it falls to the poor to pay disproportionately more in fees for minor offenses.  Court date this Wednesday morning, time TBA.  Contact Raven.

See cruz for story of another occupier fined for “sitting within 14 feet of a building” while cop-watching in downtown Santa Cruz, author: brent is found guilty


Discussion on needle exchange program, lack of transparency in public decision-making by Santa Cruz City Council.  Those interested in doing research and publicizing the “target the homeless” aspects of this issue contact Robert.

Food Not Bombs.  Proposal to have the next GA on Saturday, February 9, 5PM, post office steps, and continue at that day and time weekly.  Consensus.  This will coincide with FNB weekly meal service.  The feelings expressed by the group were that the FNB meal has had a lot of energy, was a direct action that Occupy Santa Cruz supports, and has a celebratory atmosphere.  Also generally agreed that the GA time and day may change in future depending on whether there is interest and whether it “works” to have a meal served at the same time.


GA Notes, January 20, 2013

Inspirational minute

We are here.


Food Not Bombs servers warned by authorities of alleged trespass on Federal property yesterday (Saturday, January 19). Consensus of Occupy Santa Cruz to support Food Not Bombs servers in whatever way their collective sees as appropriate.  Next FNB meeting scheduled this Tuesday.

Bill Monning public event.  Scheduled for Thursday, January 24, at the legislator’s offices in the Santa Cruz County Building. 4 PM?–time unsure. Hope expressed for an Occupy Santa Cruz presence, attempt to demonstrate our solidarity with Linda Lemaster in her campaign against the California “Lodging Law” 647(e) under which she has been convicted and other Occupy Movement folks are still facing charges across California.  No action taken.

Occupy Open Mic at SubRosa.  Plan to initiate theme night to recur monthly, perhaps on first Thursday of each month 8PM.  Request for help–input of ideas.  Contact Raven.


Santa Cruz 11 arraignment: Tuesday, January 22, 8:15 AM.  Three defendants’ court date.  Arraignment on three remaining charges.  Please come out to support if you can.

Other announcements, add your comments (sorry folks, “non-notes” from memory again;)