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What is Occupy Santa Cruz?

We gather together as Occupy Santa Cruz in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement. We are individuals committed to promoting justice. We have no leaders. We recognize the right of ALL voices to be heard: our diversity is a source of strength. We present a united front in our non-violent approach to addressing the problems we face and generating solutions beneficial to all. Please join us in creating a better world.

Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly

Saturdays       5PM  US Post Office (steps) , 850 Front Street.

Online Discussions for Occupy Santa Cruz



General Assembly January 4

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General Assembly, December 6

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Just now: Total Repression of Courthouse Occupation! Stand with Occupy Santa Cruz

7pm: It's when free speech ends!

The Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, after breaking down and stealing the Occudome and our other infrastructure this morning, have just now arrived to completely evict our courthouse demonstration. They have told us that anyone on the courthouse property from 7pm to 7am will be arrested.

In response to this, some of our occupiers have locked themselves to the steps. If you are able to, please come down to show your support and solidarity at this time, and help to protect our friends!

We will also need as much community support as possible at tomorrow’s General Assembly, regularly scheduled for 6pm-8pm. Dare the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs disrupt our self-organization when the lights go out on free speech at 7pm?

Huge GA tomorrow at courthouse steps 702 Water St. 6pm, followed by COMMUNITY UNEVICTION POTLUCK! Bring warm things, friends, nourishment and COME BE WITH US TO SHOW THAT FREE SPEECH DOESN’T END AT 7PM

General Assembly, November 27, 2011

This Sunday afternoon in the park, we discussed: foreclosures, the social atmosphere of the Occudome, canvassaing downtown, the future of OSC, conducting surveys, and more. We also consensed to adopt a localized version of the Statement of Autonomy from the NYC GA.

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Donate to Occupy Santa Cruz

We’re now able to accept donations to the Occupy Santa Cruz treasury securely online!

Your contribution helps strengthen our community by enabling us to provide food and medical attention to the 99%, print literature, maintain our infrastructure, and defer any expenses incidental to the daily operations of the Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly and its various Working Groups.

Thanks for your support! And, as always, the very best way to support Occupy Santa Cruz is with your presence.

Occupy Black Friday! Buy Nothing Agitprop Coupons

Happy Thanksgiving! I can think of few better ways to give thanks than going down to your local occupation and sharing food with family and community members. But how about some full-belly culturejamming?

But somehow over the last few years, a wholesome family-oriented day of turkey overconsumption has become associated with an onerous stockholder-oriented day of retail overconsumption.

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General Assembly, November 23, 2011

A sunny day for a human chain at the lighthouse, one month ago on October 23, 2011

Inspirational Minute:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Ran to Get Superglue and rubber-bands to fix him.

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Medical Supplies Needed!

If you are able to contribute any of these items, it will be of utmost benefit to the health of our occupation. Just bring any of these items down to the info table in front of the Courthouse steps on Water St. Thanks!

Since most of our medical supplies were stolen last Saturday, Nov. 19th, our list of needs is long:

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General Assembly, November 20, 2011

A young occupier draws a sign at the Arts & Crafts booth at our Building our Community event on the 19th

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