Any input about this web page?

March 3, 2013 admin PerspectiveComments Off

I have editor WordPress permission on this site ( but not administrator authority. There were a number of administrators – I don’t know who is still available and has those privileges. I cannot change themes and plugins. I can approve postings. I can manage the calendar.

I have been making choices that are perhaps management and perhaps policy – I removed from the calendar most of the non-local (Monterey, … ) and recurring events (SubRosa open mic … ) and have been including events about non-recurring food and housing as well as economics and River St. Sometimes I’ve added an event which might be an opportunity for visibility, leafleting (local government, court, … ).

Leslie and others have been uploading minutes of GA’s and work groups and I have been approving those.

One of the features of Facebook that I like is that it expands a web link into a part of the underlying page, an image, a headline. Can I do that here? What’s the underlying coding? Or in emails?