A Rousing March and the Occupation Continues!

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Today’s march of around 200 people visited all of the national banks of downtown Santa Cruz, our chants drawing attention to the vast inequities suffered by the 99%. The support expressed by so many passerby was quite heartening.

The occupation continues, and we encourage any and all to attend our events and let their voice be heard.

Updates on day 2 of Occupied Santa Cruz (and weekend plans) from the OSC facebook page:

Updates: OSC has moved to the Courthouse steps (on Water Street) for the night due to a children’s charity fundraiser at Mission Plaza tomorrow. The courthouse steps will be the home of OSC for the night, and location will be discussed further at the GA tomorrow at 4PM. Waiting on a head count, but it looks like the overnight occupiers have grown in number for our second official night. Thank you, everyone for all that you are doing to make this come together so beautifully. We are amazing.. and working together to build the groundwork for something really profound. 20+ campers our first night, and already more our second night! So much collective excitement and inspiration throughout the growing community. The march generated much talk and excitement through Santa Cruz and being on Mission Hill today got us a lot of very positive attention and encouragement! In deep gratitude for our Occupy Santa Cruz community, thank you all!

On Sunday evening following the GA (which starts at 2PM), there will be a facilitation training in consensus based decision-making. If you are interested in facilitating a group meeting or general assembly, and want to gain experience and practice before holding space for the larger group, stick around after the GA on Sunday!