2nd GA Recap: Change of Location and March Tomorrow

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Community begins to gather for the 2nd assembly of #OccupySantaCruz (photo by @cneklason)

Tonight’s 2nd General Assembly was another rousing and inspiring one, with a turnout that rivalled the first (>200). Exhaustion prohibits a full recap, but here are the most important takeaways of the meeting:

  • The assembly quickly reached consensus on a proposal to move our occupation to the much more visible Mission Plaza. Any volunteers are asked to please help move supplies from San Lorenzo Park to the Plaza starting early tomorrow.
  • Plans for a nonviolent march were presented by the direct action working group. This tour of Santa Cruz’s national financial institutions will begin at 3:30pm from our new encampment at Mission Plaza. Again: be at Mission Plaza at 3:30, October 7th, to join us for a march to raise awareness of Occupy Santa Cruz and the voices of the 99%.
  • In an attempt to define a mission statement for Occupy Santa Cruz, it was proposed that we stand in solidarity with the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, an elegant platform urging community action in response to our disenfranchisement of power. Everybody should read this statement for a potential adoption by consensus at tomorrow’s GA.
  • We will continue to hold general assemblies at 6pm on weekdays and 2pm on Sundays at the site of the occupation (soon to be Mission Plaza). All are encouraged to attend and let their voice be heard!

Much love and respect to our campers, who now unfurl their sleeping bags for the night. This just in from them via Twitter:

25+ holding down the fort. Camp Location moves to Mission Park in the am. March will start at MP at 3:30. #occupysantacruz #occupysantacruz

“Some great community and conversation down here at the site of the occupation! … And the sprinklers didn’t go off!” #occupysantacruz

See ya’ll tomorrow!