GA Notes for Saturday 10 Aug 2013

Working Group Reports

Sanctuary WG

Meetings: All Are Welcome.
Sanctuary Camp Campaign Info and Planning Meeting
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month 6pm
Resource Center For Non-Violence (Side Door)
612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz, CA.

Action Organizing WG

Meets every Tuesday at 7PM at the Clock Tower

Homeless Justice WG

Had an Action at CruzioWorks


Item #1

Resolution: OSC opposes practices of CruzioWorks that discriminate against homeless and disabled.

Result: Consensus/pass

Item #2

Resolution: OSC endorses the Occupy Labor Day Convergence in San Francisco

Result: Consensus/pass

Item #3

NSA Spying Discussion

Result: Further discussion continued to next GA

Item #4

Resolution: OSC endorses a pickett of CruzioWorks on Friday from 1PM to 3PM

Result: Consensus/pass