Rally for Rights followed by Candlelight Vigil

WHAT: Rally for Rights and Candlelight Vigil

WHERE: Clocktower, Santa Cruz, CA

WHEN: Saturday 6 July 2013 at 7:30PM



Throughout the world, regular, ordinary people are rebelling against
the entrenched power of the economic elites and their political
henchmen who control our lives. Most recently, people in Turkey,
Brazil and Egypt have stood up and shouted, “We’re mad as hell and
won’t take it anymore!”

Meanwhile, here in the United States, our rights are being eroded and
trampled upon. Our own government spies on us, reading our e-mails and
monitoring our phone calls. Government officials seem more interested
in punishing whistleblowers than in returning our rights to us. Access
to public spaces, even for purposes protected by the 1st Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution, is limited more and more by local lawmakers.

It doesn’t matter whether the government is led by reactionary
Islamists in Turkey and Egypt, secular social democrats in Brazil, or
conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats in the U.S. The systems
they rule over are the same, and serve only the interests of the 1%.

The crumbs that we the people receive can be snatched away whenever
the going gets tough. When we protest against the banksters and their
cronies and the attacks on our living standards that follow, we are
met with the force of the Police State. Now we have learned, by the
heroic disclosures of NSA consultant Edward Snowden, that our every
word and tweet can and will be used against us if we dare to struggle
for a fair and just society.

Join us at 7:30 pm Saturday, July 6th at the Santa Cruz clock tower
for a rally in solidarity with the brave men and women around the
world who are standing up to these abuses. Protesters in Turkey,
Brazil and Egypt have faced down tear gas, water cannon and rubber
bullets simply for trying to assemble. U.S. patriots such as Edward
Snowden face jail time and possibly torture if captured, while
political activists are spied on and monitored merely for criticizing
the U.S. government, banksters and multinational corporations.

At dusk, we will hold a candlelight vigil for our own rights, as well
as the rights of the Turkish, Brazilian and Egyptian protesters that
have been violated.

Speak up now while it’s still legal!