GA Notes, Sunday, December 16, 2012

Apologies again, notes from memory (please add yours in comments section)


  1. Discussion of Occupy Ashland.  Four campaigns, including “decriminalization of sleep,” “Move to Amend”– about fighting the Citizens United Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate campaign contributions, anti-GMO, and anti-foreclosure.  Question about local contact for Move to Amend, does anyone have any info about this?  Please let us know, pass it on.
  1. City of Santa Cruz Public Safety Committee Meeting.  Monday, December 17, 5:00 or 5:30 PM, City Hall.  Efforts to “clean up” to be watched for possible anti-homeless slant.  Continuation of activities started two weeks ago in Westside neighborhood, continued through this past weekend with river clean-ups.
  2. Santa Cruz 11 Support Committee.  Meeting tomorrow, Monday, December 17, 1 PM, SubRosa Cafe.  Topics include upcoming benefit/awareness-raiser scheduled for January 6.  Details to follow.  Court dates: Friday, January 4, readiness hearing; Monday, January 7, pre-trial hearing.
  3. Red Church Monday meal, 5PM.  Also, nameless committee on homeless issues to meet at 4PM tomorrow (Monday, December 17) in the fireside room.
  4. “Occupy Last Night” autonomous action.  Annual activity, December 31, 5PM–No details.