GA Notes, Sunday, December 2, 2012

informal notes (notetaker showed up late)… please add your announcements as comments…

Report back on “Smart Solutions to Homelessness Summit” yesterday at Cabrillo.  Variety of perspectives.  Some thought it was overly controlled in terms of the “Housing First” message, which is federal policy, top-down, and highly professionalized.  Those wishing to bring forward a “bottom-up” agenda on self-help, repeal of the criminalization of sleep at night, the “blanket ban” or other local laws, the establishment of a safe “sanctuary” camp, or other action steps need to find other means of doing so.  Announcement: the Association of Faith Communities has its monthly meeting on Thursday, December 6, 5 PM, at the Red Church.  On the agenda will be to discuss working towards establishing a campground.

Old Business

No action taken yet to poll the community about the viability of continuing a Wednesday GA of Occupy Santa Cruz.  Contact Robert if you have an opinion that you would like captured (or comment below).  Question of how to continue: as is; in another way that is more practical, such as moving the meeting to an indoor space; or to remove the Wednesday GA from the calendar.


[Note: these were made at the India Joze restaurant benefit for Linda Lemaster]

  1. Linda’s Sentencing Hearing:  changed again, to Thursday, December 6, 4 PM, Department 5.  Note changed department–apparently they get moved around.  Please send your letters of support to Judge Rebecca Connolly ASAP.  If you can be present at the hearing, that would be a very special way to offer your support to this longtime homeless advocate.
  2. “Occupy Sandy” is getting little press but deserves attention.  Look it up and pass it on.  Occupy folks are showing FEMA how to feed large groups, for example.
  3. Proposed changes to public library policies on “smelly people” and other rules regarding sleep in the library, storing of belongings, service animals, and penalties to be applied.  Library Board meets tomorrow, December 3, 6:30 PM, Scotts Valley library.  King’s Village Road, next to the Post Office.
  4. Lemaster event organizers wish to thank Joe Schultz, Grant Wilson, Gail Williamson, and Leslie Dinkin, as well as the Santa Cruz Eleven.  Thank you Becky Johnson, David Silva, Brent Adams, Robert Norse, Steve Pleich, and the speakers: Jonathan Gettleman, Kate Wells, and David Beauvais.  And Linda Lemaster, for sharing her thoughts and her poetry.