GA Notes – Sunday Nov 11

Appreciations to Robert for the notes.


Call for an 8 AM picket at the Salinas Fox Theater to protest a Prunedale foreclosure of Marguerite on Tuesday 11-13.

Meeting of a Socialist group at the Stevenson Coffee Shop at UCSC 7 PM 11-13


Linda Lemaster’s trial. She was found guilty of “illegal lodging” in the PeaceCamp2010 protest. Sentencing hearing will be December 3rd in Dept. 1. The time will be posted on

Comments: the jury was made up of men mostly; LL doesn’t deserve this; hope that lots of righteous indignation will spring from this verdict.

Occupy News:

Occupy Noe in SF is most successful. Has disrupted over 200 auctions and stopped 50 people from losing their homes. Action Council in S.F. has a Saturday action planned for 11-17. To convert a bank into a homeless shelter in an Occupy Chase action. There will be street theater. “Chase is so successful at making people homeless, they’re opening a homeless shelter there.”

Also a threatened demo in S.F. to stop the Kezar Gardens evictions.

This week Occupy the Regent will be happening 11-15 Thursday at UCSF Another demo to save diversity classes and accreditation at CCSF at noon 11-13.

Proposals (for discussion):

To support a series of projects by a newly arrived activist involving copwatch, documenting homeless sweeps, and starting a homeless non-profit as well as a zine publishing homeless complaints.