Halloween Party WG Notes

Hi folks,
I have some artwork for a flyer to publicize the Occupy Halloween street party.  I would love a collaborative effort on the text for the flyer and any internet invitations.  Anyone interested can either email me or meetup at HUFF tomorrow and we can work on it there.  I’ll bring extra copies of the art to mark up.  Then someone can take the final version over to make copies.  Does anyone have the time and energy to table with them at the farmer’s market?
Tasks to complete:
1.  Finish flyer text, make copies, hand them out, post them around town
2. Make facebook event page
3. Make indybay announcement
4. Post to OSC website
5. Create the political message flyer we plan to hand out at the event–I have the topics but I’d like to collaborate on that one too, maybe next week!
See y’all soon.