General Assembly Notes for Tue 17Apr2012

[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Joel. -GX]]


-Occuhouse to be evicted any day now!
-UCSC Student Union calling for a general strike May 1st. There’s a march planned from campus to downtown
-Courthouse plaza filled with tax protesters Tues, Apr 17th: flags, signs, umbrellas, honks, it was great.
-Helped with a table at Project Connect working with HUFF. Didn’t feel comfortable, too regimented.

Urgent Announcements


Inspirational Minute

-”Everyone does better when everyone does better.”

Working Group Reports

-Foreclosures: Ken Foster has accepted a short sale (he’s given up). He feels ok about it. He may be able to stay. The people buying the house are interested in a permaculture garden. Another house was auctioned on Monday (4/16/12). Still meeting with government peeps trying to get a code change for the county. Still working on it. Talked with the mayor and such. Will be asking judges some questions. Next meeting Sat. 4pm at the Octagon.

-Direct Action: Going to Wells Fargo shareholders meeting on the 24th in San Francisco. Working on carpool list. Meeting Wed 6pm and Sat also at 6pm at the Mission St. house. March at 4pm on May 1st, rally at 5:30pm at San Lorenzo. Movie showing Wednesdays at the courthouse 8pm.

-River St. Defense: Meetings on Mon. 3pm at Mission St. house. New webpage

-Strategy Committee: Meets Sundays 12 noon at the courthouse.

-Legal: Ed Frey’s contempt court case April 27th at 1:30pm Department 2. Show your support!


24/7 Occupation Discussion: Occupy the mission st house. Probably wait until there’s a critical mass, like around May 1st. May 1st yes, rally will include tent games. Occupied building in SF, join the action. Will be sad to lose some occupiers, maybe visit SF but come on back to SC. Noticed that if we go public many houseless folks will
participate; dealing with tweekers, shit got out of hand frequently; best option would be to have privately owned and donated property; the weather will be nice; like it outdoors. Last time we talked we brought up the idea of a mobile occupation; great power in being mobile. Think about being self-sustainable, not a public health hazard, not trashy,
want it to be safe; how will it look, drugs all day or build something; food is very important. Mobile occupation at the post office, harassed by police there; should be there Saturdays indefinitely. Suggestion to form a working group to talk about
re-occupation. Meeting scheduled for Monday at noon at the Mission st. house.

99% Spring Discussion: (bad? good? huh?): Idea came up some months ago by people who didn’t identify with occupy wall st but wanted to use the rhetoric; possibly for electoral reasons. 99% isn’t owned by OWS, Noam used the term in 1985. They put on art shows, and there’s no evidence of political motives.


-Precautionary Principal: Cabrillo College 5:30pm Forum 450. Event around the idea that all products should be proven safe before being proven to not be safe.

-Movie showing Wednesday night (4/18/12) will be “Idiocracy” 8pm at the courthouse.

-Got the Santa Cruz 11 petition onto the OWS facebook page and as of this GA it has 785 signatures! Also on the OSF facebook. Please go to these pages and leave your comments.

-Weather is nice

-Saturday is the Earth Day Festival at San Lorenzo park, all day.