General Assembly Notes for Sun 15Apr2012

[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Robert Norse -GX]]

I only began taking notes towards the end of the meeting, so these notes do not include Urgent Announcements, Occupy News, Inspirational Minute, or Working Group Reports. They may also contain some inaccuracies.

Happy to note there was no further harassment by police or postal workers. Steve Pleich facilitated most of the G.A. Brent facilitated the rest.

Agenda Items

Proposal to Endorse ACLU Statement of Concern Regarding Prosecutions of a Select Few at 75 River St. Steve Pleich proposed and the G.A. consensed to support the ACLU’s Statement of Support from Peter Gelblum of the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. This passed with one thumbs down.

Proposal to Create a Working Group to Create a More Comprehensive Support Proposal at a Future Meeting This was passed with 2 stand asides.

Proposal that Without a Notetaker There Be no G.A. Proposed by Ed Frey, debated, and withdrawn.


Abbi announced a Reach In-Reach Out Meet 7:45 PM Tuesday April 17 at India JoZe.
[[Someone]] announced [[on Facebook]] that movie night Wednesday April 18 for a showing the 1980′s Wall Street would be postponed [[to Wed 25Apr2012]].
A 4-6 PM Tax Day Action for April 17 was announced–courthouse steps by WILPF.
Steve Pleich announced a Judical Forum to be held 7-9 PM April 17th at the Community Room of the Police Station.
Abbi quickly reported on yesterday’s police intervention and successful maintenance of the right of public assembly on the post office steps during the G.A. Meeting.

Someone announced a Grateful Dead dance April 15 at the 418 Project 10 pm – 3 am.