1st Amendment Flyer

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Our 1st Amendment Rights Are Under Attack

Did you know that the county building, courthouse, and adjacent areas are closed from 7 PM to 7 AM every evening by administrative fiat? The curfew was put in place shortly before the Occupy camp and protest were destroyed by police and sheriffs last fall.

The area in front of the courthouse steps on Water Street has historically been a “free speech” zone. Inspired by global revolutionary movements, the Occupy movement in Santa Cruz used that area to host events, informational tables, a shelter known as the “Occudome,” and place for occupiers to set up tents to bring public attention to the disparity of wealth and political influence between a tiny fraction of the people of the United States and the rest of the population.

Ongoing “political criminal” cases:

Linda Lemaster lodging trial commences soon. Linda was cited during a peaceful assembly on the courthouse steps in August of 2010. “Peacecamp2010″ was established to protest the Santa Cruz law that prohibits anyone from sleeping outside in public which is enforced against homeless people sleeping at night. She was cited under California law PC 647(e) and faces up to six months in jail. Visit http://hearthbylinda.blogspot.com/ or indybay.org/santacruz for more information and how to support her legal defense.

Isaac Collins hearings are scheduled for November 30, readiness & December 3, pre-trial. An African-American Occupy activist, he faces felony possession of marijuana charges after being singled out at the 4/20 demonstration at UCSC. Follow up and support at OccupySantaCruz.org or http://www.indybay.org/santacruz/

Santa Cruz 11 pre-tial hearing scheduled to begin January 7. Seven activists are still under charges and facing up to seven years in prison for peaceful occupation of a vacant bank building at 75 River Street in Santa Cruz last fall. Latest information and how to support at http://santacruzeleven.org/

Inform yourself about homeless civil rights in Santa Cruz at http://huffsantacruz.org/

November 15 “Occupy Education” Rally planned, details to follow at http://occupysantacruz.org/