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General Assembly Notes – January 1 2012

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Inspirational Minute:

One year ago Oakland marched for Oscar Grant after he was killed by BART cops. We will have a moment of silence for him today.


OWS took back Zuccotti Park for part of the night New Years. A family brought a tent in and set it up inside the park. The cops wouldn’t allow anyone inside the park until the tent was taken down. As soon as the cops took the tent, over a thousand people entered the park at 9pm, took down the barricades, stacked them in the middle of the park, and planted a sign through them. Tim Cast on Ustream has footage.

Occupy and Huff were in this year’s DIY parade. Marchers dressed in all white to form a “white block” and carried a tent painted with information about the deaths of the homeless as a memorial. Occupy’s street theater group also performed a skit “The Bankster Who Stole Christmas” The parade was on the news and freakradio.org.

Working groups:

Meditation: A large event is going to be planned for April. There will be a meeting after the GA this Wednesday at India Joze.

Foreclosure: meeting at 4 on Wednesday, either at the first house to be occupied or at India Joze.

A working group is being formed to plan for the DC trip as well as one to work with students from a UCSC class.


Parking: The parking restriction is now up because it’s past the 1st of the year.

UCSC class: There is a class next quarter at UCSC where students will work with different groups in the community and are being encouraged to work with occupy. They will have about 35 hours a quarter to donate.

Occubay TV: there are at least 3 episodes filmed that are about 5 minutes each. They report on the different occupations around the bay area. We should try to get Santa Cruz included.

Don Lane interview: Robert will be interviewing Don Lane Sunday on Freakradio.org (101.1 FM 9:30AM – 1PM) If you have any questions that you would like to be asked email Robert@huffsantacruz.org


Huff is meeting this Wednesday at 10:30

The UCSC Grad students with San Jose BMW Motorcycle are planning a skill share workshop. More information will be given as it is available.

There will be a brainstorming meeting for the future of OSC at the new location for the Resource Center for Non-Violence at 11AM Saturday.

Occupy Foreclosure Auction Rally

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Occupy Monterey Peninsula (OMP) will hold a Foreclosure Auction Rally in support of longtime Prunedale resident, Mark Reed, facing a foreclosure auction 8am, Tuesday, 13 November 2012. While all such auctions are open to the public and generally held out of doors, this particular foreclosure auction will occur inside the FOX Theatre, 241 Main Street, Salinas.

The Banks got Bailed Out, we all got Sold Out. Join OMP to call attention to this housing crisis occurring in Monterey County; to give voice to our neighbors facing foreclosure; and to express to our local elected officials that their constituents want immediate action to halt foreclosures. We must protect our investments in our communities. Picket line: 8am on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 outside of the Fox Theatre, Salinas, CA.

online sanity engineer notice:

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What is Occupy Santa Cruz?

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We gather together as Occupy Santa Cruz in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement. We are individuals committed to promoting justice. We have no leaders. We recognize the right of ALL voices to be heard: our diversity is a source of strength. We present a united front in our non-violent approach to addressing the problems we face and generating solutions beneficial to all. Please join us in creating a better world.

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Stop the ZIM Shanghai Sat27Sep2014

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ACTION ALERT — ZIM Ship Arriving Early

West Oakland
BART Station

1451 7th Street / Oakland, CA 94607


Saturday, September 27 at 5:00am in PDT
FRIDAY, September 26 at 5:00PM

End the Siege of Gaza!

Picket the Zim Shanghai Starting
September 27th, 2014 at the Port of Oakland!

Please come to a sustained community and labor activist picket beginning on September 27th to stop the Zim Shanghai from unloading or loading any cargo – from when it arrives in Oakland until it leaves.